5 Things that make me Happy

Wow, I had a wonderful Birthday week. Thank you sooooo MUCH for all the birthday wishes. You made me feel extra special this week. It was a busy week so I plan on catching my breath this weekend. I cannot wait to relax a little bit and maybe snuggle in with a good book. Now on to the things that made me happy this week:

Number One:

I say it all the time but I have the greatest friends! This is the meal I enjoyed while on an afternoon date with Jordan. My friend Brittany volunteered to babysit the kids so we could have a date. She was super sneaky and set it up with Jordan behind my back. She is a busy working Mom of three so the fact that she thought of me and to set this up and to take on two more kiddos…sigh, I am tearing up over here. It just means the world to me. I love her so much and feel so blessed to have her in my life.

Number Two

I am obsessed with my new Apple Watch strap!!! My Apple Watch was the BEST purchase I have EVER made…seriously! If you have kids this watch is just so valuable! All my texts and emails show up on it. I can even answer my phone on it. It is awesome as you have heard me say before. Men, if you are out there this is the perfect gift for your wife for Christmas! Back to the strap though everyone has been asking me about it. It is from Amazon and comes in red and silver also. I bought it to wear for the holidays and I am so happy with it. It adds a little sparkle to all of my outfits.

Number Three

How cute is this mug? My Sister is a super good gift giver and she got me this mug for my Birthday. I absolutely love it! I will be drinking my morning lattes out of it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I told you I was spoiled on my birthday and this was just one of the many gifts she game me.

Number Four

I finally finished my fall candle and have now started this winter candle. I love the three wick candles from Bath and Bodyworks. This scent just fills our house with Christmas. I had it burning while I decorated our tree yesterday. They have a ton to choose from but stay away from the one called “Flannel” it smelled like men’s aftershave…unless of course that is what you want your home to smell like, haha.

Number Five

I am CHOOSING to be happy over this. I hear MANY complaints about “Elf on the Shelf” from Mom’s everywhere. The thing is my kids LOVE this tradition. What makes them happy makes me happy so although it may be a pain in the rear to come up with something new each day they get so much joy from it. Plus it never hurts to have some “extra” eyes on your kids over the holidays even if it is pretend ones.

I am leaving you with homework for this weekend…try to not complain about the holidays. Guys, I hear a lot of negativity out there. This weekend let’s choose to be happy in the extra traffic, long lines, and busy stores. Imagine the days without a cell phone to keep you busy while waiting I barely remember those days. We have it good here folks so smile more!

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