That’s a Wrap

We’ve been busy buying gifts and now it is time to wrap them all! I often leave this task to Jordan a day or two before Christmas. I buy the presents he wraps. My man is an excellent wrapper! This year though he is working all the days leading up to Christmas and I just wanted it done! Especially the gifts for the kids. So I have been spending my evenings with wrapping paper.

Present buying can be stressful. We are in good times in this section of the world folks, we have EVERYTHING we could ever want or need. I have met up to a ton of stressed out people the last few weeks about buying gifts. Honestly, if you are stressed about what to buy then you are over thinking it! For your own kids focus on that one present that really, really, really want. If it is out of your price range nip it right away. “I love you very much and you have been a good little girl but Santa does not gift real live horses” or something like that, haha. This is my gift for my 2 nephews and niece. The “Thumb Chucks” are an inexpensive top Christmas toy (please do not ask me to explain any more) and I paired it with a $10 gift card for each of them. They are close in age and I almost always get all three the same present. Last year I did candy sticks and gift cards and the year before I did popcorn bowls filled with candy and a movie ticket for each of them. I just keep it simple and fun for them I know their parents will get them their favourite things I am just giving them a little something to let them know I love them and was thinking of them. I will be honest it would REALLY stress me out if I sat and tried to think of the “perfect” gift for each of them. If you can’t think of the a good gift idea for someone go with a gift card. No one is going to be disappointed with a gift card and there are so many fun ways to dress it up. For instance place a gift card in a mason jar, add holiday jelly beans or M&M’s and voila cute gift that is more than just a card.

Teacher gifts!!! This is our first year buying “Teacher Gifts” and I am excited. Miss Charlie has two teachers and I love them both so so so MUCH! They both take turns doing outdoor duty so Miss Charlie and I have decided to buy them each a pair of cozy mittens. I also picked them each up a set of Mabels Labels as shown above. These are the stocking-stuffer version. You pick the layout and design you want and then put the names on. I even purchased a set for myself. I thought these were cute  to personalize their gifts and my teacher friends tell me teachers love labels!!! These would also go perfect with a coffee gift card or soft scarf. Click HERE to check out the site! I would order today to make sure you receive them on time to use as a teacher gift. The above labels will be going on Mr Simon’s water bottles and his fox toddler bag.

Let’s talk spouse gifts! First of all there is no “right” way. It really is whatever works for you. I know plenty of couples who don’t do gifts on Christmas. Our kids like us to be apart of the fun and Miss Charlie really enjoys watching us open our gifts. Plus, there is something about waiting for said gift even if you know what it is that makes it special. I picked these boots up from Costco on super sale and gave them to Jordan to wrap up for me. We have no rules for Christmas sometimes there are BIG surprises sometimes there aren’t any. We just take it year by year. These boots and an order from Sephora will suffice for me! Often I will put an order in but when it arrives Jordan wraps it so I don’t even see it. Trust me it is still VERY exciting Christmas morning. When I do my Christmas order I make it a rule to order something I want not something I need. So it is usually a product I’ve been eyeing for a while.

Currently there are presents wrapped and stuffed everywhere in my room. We are busting at the seams with gifts over here. My rule is nothing goes under the tree until the kids are asleep Christmas Eve. Then this elf gets hard to work at lugging them to the tree and setting up our breakfast table. I hope you all take time to enjoy each part of the holidays. Present wrapping is not my favourite but with the right Christmas movie on and my holiday drink in hand I am happily doing it over here. That’s a wrap!

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  1. Hold the phone- they sell Uggs at Costco? My daughter has outgrown hers and wants them as her “big” gift. I didn’t know Costco sold them. Were there lots of sizes?

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