5 Things that make me Happy

Wow, what a week! I worked every. single. day. this week. Wake me up on Monday…oh wait I work again this evening, tomorrow and on Sunday. Am I crazy…maybe a little bit! Things are still making me happy though, here they are for this week:

Number One

My friend gave me this lotion from LUSH for my B-day and it could not have come at a more perfect time. I have been putting this on each night before bed. It is a very creamy lotion with lavender in it that smells amazing. The smell calms and relaxes me and before I know it I am quickly asleep. Which is just what I needed during a busy week.

Number Two

Jordan is the coffee person in the house but I just love the aroma in the morning of the Starbucks “Holiday Blend”. As you know I love EVERYTHING Christmas and this holiday blend also helps to make the perfect Cafe Mocha! I have said it before and I’ll say it again Starbucks knows their coffee!

Number Three

Who says you can’t match your boy? Sorry I didn’t get a better pic. This was just before his nap time. We sported matching plaid shirts for the day. I love this age. This boy was super happy to be matchy-matchy with his Mama. I found his top at Walmart on sale for $2!!! Such a steal. I am sure he will be embarrassed by this pic when he is older but that’s what Mamas are for.

Number Four

I love Christmas sooo much so I should be awesome at this game…right!? Here is hoping! I picked it at Indigo on sale last week and plan to bring it to some of our family get togethers. Jordan and I had a little trivia date night at home dinner on the weekend and it was fun. Although we were both not great at it. By the end of this season we will know everything we need to know about Christmas!

Number Five

Well this is the reason I had to work so much this week…I started a new job. I am hoping this will be a better fit for me. No more night shifts and it is closer to home about a 7minute drive. So far I am loving it and everyone has been super nice to me and it seems like a really great job. I finish up my orientation this evening and to get to know this new job I have been working a lot. I will go back to my usual of 6-8 shifts/month once I get more use to my new environment. So every second I am not working I am spending with the kids. I got home just in time last night to tuck in Mr Simon and read him a bedtime story. The day before the three of us went for a walk and visited the horses next door.

That is it for this week! Busy, exhausting, but still lot’s of happy. If you need me this weekend I’ll be working!


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