5 Things that make me Happy

What a GREAT week! Yes it has been busy it is always busy. Does anyone else want to laugh when others complain about their busy schedules to you!? I do. We are very busy over here but it is a happy busy. If you are unhappy and busy then you might need to make a change in the New Year! Let’s get on with all of the happy busy stuff!

Number One

Each week day morning I take Miss Charlie to school. I get up, get ready, and drive her. That sometimes means getting Mr Simon up and ready too. People often ask me how I feel about this. It is actually just become part of our routine. I am not a morning person at all. I do like though that having to do this each day makes me get up by a certain time and get ready. On some mornings I stop on the way home at Second Cup for a latte. I must be stopping there too much because the other morning they gave me this latte for free for no reason at all. They made my day. It was a tough morning to rise and shine but this act of kindness made me shine!

After Christmas I always hit the sales and buy things for the next year. I immediately come home and put whatever I purchase away with my Christmas decor. The next year when I take out my Christmas decor I find brand new cozy socks, ornaments, napkins, and Christmas crackers they I have usually gotten for a steal. It is so fun! I buy the kids little things too. Like last year I bought them Melissa and Doug Christmas sticker books for $1! This week I pulled them out and they kept both the kids busy for an hour!!! Even Mr Simon loved it. The stickers are reusable on the books so they had great fun placing them. While this Mama was happily getting her laundry done.

Number Three

When wrapping presents last week I noticed Mr Simon had slightly less than Miss Charlie. I try my best to keep things fair especially cost wise. I was working all week and did not have time to go out to the stores looking for another gift for him. So I went on indigo and they were having a sale promotion. I found this right away for him and it showed up 3 days later! Ordering gifts online has been my thing this year. I enjoy shopping but with starting and learning a new job it has been awesome to get gifts from the comfort of my home! Get your orders in today so they come before Christmas!

Number Four

On Wednesday I worked a day shift(7am-3pm) while Jordan worked a night shift. The kids were super hyper when I arrived home and I was super tired after being on my feet all day. So I bundled them up and took them to a near by playground where I sat with my feet up and they played. I took it a step further and order a pizza online to pick up. So on the way home we grabbed our supper. Doing it all is tough so don’t do it! Be aware when you need the extra help of take out, haha. My kids got their energy out, were fed, and snuggled in bed. Meanwhile, I did not feel like I was hit by a car and was able to have a productive evening and get a few chores done before heading to bed! That’s a win in my books!

Number Five

Miss Charlie had her Christmas Concert for school last evening. I literally laughed tears. This girl was full of nerves before we went and I was a bit worried for her. However she got up there and sang so loud and did every action. Her heart was in it let me tell you. She was giving it everything she had. Our whole row of family was losing it.I was seriously proud and jealous of her. Jealous because she did not care what anyone around her thought because she was doing her best! We all need to stop caring what others think and just do our best in life and its okay to look a little silly while doing it!

See I told you it was a great week! I have homework for you…stop telling everyone how busy you are! Instead of talking about yourself when you meet up to family, friends, and people you have not seen in a while compliment them. Tell them they look great and to have a Merry Christmas let’s not have the “I’m so stressed out and busy talk” instead have them walking away from you feeling uplifted!

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