Glad Tidings

Sending “Glad Tidings” to all of you Mamas out there this week of school aged children as we all embark on the hardest week of the year. Let’s not forget the teachers also, man do you have your work cut out for you this week, haha! May the force be with you (Jordan will love this Star Wars reference). This is my first time having a school aged child at Christmas time and I am all ready waving the white flag. Miss Charlie now has a full understanding of what happens on Christmas so she is pretty pumped. She has been on a high since her Christmas concert and although I love that she is enjoying all things Christmas it has also been laced with a lot of whining, complaining, and selfishness. She lives in a very decadent time and the struggle is real for us parents trying to show them how blessed they really are. We had a good talk about it last evening. There is a lot of fun on the school calendar this week and with all of the excitement I know this week is going to hard one!

My best advice is to plan some time to just hang with your friends! On Friday night we went out for supper, lattes, and to the movies! It was so much fun. These two make me laugh and I needed a good laugh. In this busy season make time for your friends. When you get out relax, be silly and have fun. We are ALL busy…we are ALL tired don’t make excuses get out. These girls picked my spirits up so much that I now know I’m going to make it through the holidays with flying colours!

Jordan had a birthday this past weekend! He got to enjoy lots of celebrating. We headed to Hartland to have Christmas with his family on Saturday. I brought along his favourite dessert “tuxedo cake” from Costco. Have you tried this? It is so delicious. I was very thankful I wore stretchy pants because I ate a full Turkey Dinner and then some. He woke up to a Star Wars themed breakfast. After church everything went wild. Kids would not nap everyone was cranky. It was a hot mess over here.

We brought it back together though with some take out and “The Muppets Christmas Carol”. The kids were put to bed and all was right in the world again. Except that is for the mounds of laundry, dishes, and random crap that is now littering the house. I cleaned up as much as I could because no one wants to start a Monday with a mess and settled down to aย good hallmark Christmas movie! It was a hot mess weekend but we survived to tell the tale now on to the week!

Guys, it is the last week before Christmas…deep breath…you got this!

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