Bah Humbug

As we come closer to Christmas some of us are VERY excited while others like Mr Simon are not so sure about what to think or feeling a tad cranky. For those of you who dislike this season it is almost over for another whole year so that is something to be happy about, right!? As for me I am already looking forward to next Christmas as my Hubby will finally be off and not working, yay shift work. As for this year I’ll be putting out the gifts alone again…I mean helping Santa of course!

I have been busy the last few days finishing up the wrapping and getting the stockings ready. I did a lot less in their stockings this year than usual because those little gifts have gotten expensive. The truth is I would so much rather spend the money on something of more quality. So I kept it simple and got them each a gift I knew they would love but would not fit in the stocking. I made sure to wrap everything after this picture because my kids just LOVE to unwrap presents!

Miss Charlie wanted to give gifts to all the kids in her class. So yesterday we worked on some little treat bags that included hot chocolate and a Santa chocolate. She helped me bag them up and then I kept getting her to count them so we could practice our counting at the same time. Today after school she will be doing Christmas cards to go with these treat bags. This will give her chance to practice her printing. I am a sneaky Mom.

I grabbed a picture of this tree as I left work last night. It is always lit up in the city for the entire month of December. I remember looking at it as a little girl and guessing how many light bulbs were on it. I still don’t know the answer to that! Get all of your Christmas prep done and take some time to relax. That is my plan this week. I am hoping to finish a book or two. Try your best to not to be a Scrooge at Christmas. Before you know it the bustle will slow down and we will be making our New Year’s Resolutions!

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