5 Things that make me Happy

This is my post before Christmas!!! I will be  back again after this to tell you all about our Christmas on the 27th! Santa is almost here, the presents are wrapped, our fridge and cupboards are bursting with treats, and I am taking the turkey out of the freezer tomorrow. There is so much to be happy about right now.

Number One

I stopped by my Mom’s yesterday and snapped a pic of this yummy cake she made. My Mom really brings it for Christmas. She is more excited than both of my kids. I love that she goes over the top and that she loves it. It really makes it special. I am looking forward to spending time with my family this Christmas. If you were a fly on the wall at our family get-togethers you would see happiness. So much laughter and love.

Number Two

Hello Fresh has been saving my life this week. I have been on the go getting all those last minute things so I have not been home much. Yesterday I arrived home at 4:30pm instead of wondering what was for supper I grabbed one of my hello fresh bags from the fridge. I fed, bathed, and read stories to the kids tucked them in bed and had this meal ready and plated just as Jordan was walking through the door home from work. It was delicious as always. Seriously guys, you need to try this out! Use code: hollyan for a percentage off your first box!

Number Three

I picked up this sweater from H&M last week and I am loving it. It is super soft and cozy. It is not Christmas colours so I plan on sporting it into January. I also love that it is long in length which makes it great for wearing with my “mom tights”. Be prepared to see a lot of this shirt. I did not buy it on sale but I assume it will be a good price come Boxing Day!

Number Four

If it is Christmas themed it is coming home with me. I am the person that buys all the holiday food. We also have candy cane ice cream in our freezer. I will admit my Nanny always had these cookies at her house when I was kid and I was never a fan but for some reason as a grown up eating a big marshmallow cookie is perfection. I should note that my kids don’t like these either which makes them taste even better some how. The diet starts January 1st!

Number Five

We went to visit our horsey neighbours the other day and these two were being so cute. I am definitely still missing Rick, my favourite horse that passed away a short while ago but Frisco is growing on me. He sniffed us up and down for carrots and ate all the ones we had. He then kept playing and nudging Miss Charlie. She gave him hugs and kisses and he was loving all the attention. Frisco you may have a new best friend this year. Frisco is a very tall horse and I love that he bent down to Miss Charlie’s level for the picture.

Christmas is not so happy and easy for everyone I am aware of that. So I am sending lots of love to you all. May you find a bit of your own happy in this busy holiday!

Merry Christmas!

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