5 Things that make me Happy

This is the last “happiness” post for 2017!!! Wow, this year FLEW by. I am still in shock that we are at the end and that even Christmas is over. There is still lot’s to be happy about and to name a few for me this week…or 5 to be exact:

Number One

I have never been more happy to see Elf go back with Santa! It was a busy month for us on top of all the holiday extras. I mean I started a new job and at one point I was holding down three. Let’s just say “Elf” is not the working Mom’s friend. I struggled to get through the 24 days of Elf. Now in saying this both my kids get so so much joy out this tradition so I can’t imagine us not doing it. I did, however, do a dance on Elf’s final night this year, haha.

Number Two

Is there anything better than snow on Christmas Day? Is that not the dream. I can remember a few Christmases where we had snow when I was a child and I loved it. Being snug in our home and opening gifts while we sipped on egg nog was such a treat this year while it stormed. I love a snowy Christmas and that storm truly made me happy even if it caused us to change our original Christmas plans.

Number Three

This girl made my Christmas Eve this year! Both of our husbands work shift work and were both working through Christmas this year. Jordan’s first day off was Christmas Day so he got home around 6:30am which wasn’t too bad. However, he has worked the holidays the past 5 years and I have found it so hard to be without him during these special days. I had no idea how I was going to entertain my very hyper crew  on Christmas Eve through our church service and for the rest of the day. So I teamed up with this Gal and we not only made it through our service but we also had some great gal time at her place while the kids played and decorated Christmas cookies. The day flew by and I didn’t feel so lonely it also tired my kids right out which made for a great night.

Number Four

This week we have spent a ton of family time playing trains, legos, and teaching Miss Charlie’s talking birds to whistle familiar tunes. It has been a blast. The fun ends today for moi because I am at work right now and again tomorrow. I have not worked at any of my jobs in almost two weeks though. It has been nice to relax and also just focus on the kids. As the kids both get older I am looking forward to more time spent as a family. I can see a family board game night in our future.

Number Five

Miss Charlie took this selfie to show you all her new glasses! We found out about a month ago that she badly needed glasses. The eye doctor showed me at an appointment what this gal was seeing and it was blurry and squished due to the stigmatisms in both of her eyes. Yesterday she finally received her prescription glasses and she could not get over how flat and large the ground was. It broke my heart that she has been so limited with her ability to see properly. I won’t go into details but she went to many eye specialists as a toddler as we knew something was off but due to her age and the difficulty with eye testing a young child they changed their minds a lot with what she needed. I am very happy now that she finally has glasses and although they are not the full prescription of what she actually needs she can see so much better now. She picked out these Disney pink specs herself and absolutely loves them. She did ask me though which Disney Princess wore glasses and I did not have an answer so Disney get on that would ya!

I hope you all have an awesome weekend and lot’s of fun celebrating the New Year. Jordan and I will be celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary which is super exciting. As of right now we have no plans except that my Mom volunteered to watch the kids over night. Whether we head out to party the night away or stay in with our pj’s on eating Chinese take out I will be happy just to spend some one on one time with my man. I will be back to blogging on Wednesday where I will discuss this years word of the year and some 2018 goals!

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