Happy New Year 2018

Happy 2018 everyone and thank you so much for continuing to follow along! On New Years Eve Jordan and I celebrated our 10 year Anniversary! Wow, that came up fast, so fast in fact that we didn’t really make any plans. Nearing the date we both felt completely stressed out about how to celebrate this milestone. Many of my friends and family have taken trips for their 10 years. We, however could not afford to take a trip this year and did not want to start the next ten years in debt from a trip. We were completely stuck on what we should be doing. The only thing we had planned was my Mom was taking the kids for the night. I am a true planner so it is not like me to leave something important like this until the last minute but between work and the holidays I completely dropped the ball. On New Years eve day I woke up ran to the bathroom and lost my cookies, hello flu. At that moment I was so happy we had not paid for a hotel room or any NYE events. The next 24hrs were a blur.

Fast forward to January 2nd and I was ready to PARTY! We had friends whose home was also hit with the flu that squashed their NYE plans as well. So we very last minute decided we were going to drop our kids with grandparents and go out. We did not know where we were going we just knew we were going out and having some fun. I bought this dress for the holidays at Old Navy and was excited to have something to wear it to. I believe it is on super sale there now!

We headed uptown Saint John for a bite to eat. I took it easy on the food of course and then to one of our favourite uptown spots Eighty Three Bar Arcade. It was a Tuesday night so no one was out or around. We pretty much had the place to ourselves and had a blast. I love me some pac man! Afterwards we headed back to our house for dessert and just hung out, laughed and chatted.

This is our marriage, sometimes plans get ruined, stuff comes up(literally in this case), but we always come through it all with smiles on our faces. I am truly happy to be doing life with this man. We have together waded through some truly difficult times but here we are full of joy and truly smiling after a simple night out.

Happy New Years Folks!

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