5 Things that make me Happy

Hello 2018! I hope that you bring me so much happiness but even if you don’t, I am going to find it each week right here! Having a positive attitude is what truly makes me happy, so each week I find 5 things that made me swoon, giddy, or jump for joy. From something or someone I am loving to something really simple. Here are my five to start off the new year:

Number One

Two things about this photo that I absolutely LOVE. First the fact that Billy insisted on being in it. I kept trying to get her to move before I realized how perfect it was for her to be in the photo. The first year Jordan and I were married we changed cities, bought a house, and got a dog. So it is fitting that she be in our 10 year anniversary photo. Secondly, is this “2007” ornament I purchased just before we got hitched! Every year I put it on our Christmas tree. It is always front and centre. A great reminder of how far we have come.

Number Two

After Christmas I came down with the flu and then it was gone as quick as it came. I took it easy nibbling food for a couple of days and then we went out to eat and I shared this crazy deep fried platter with Jordan. Happiness is in a deep fried platter but seriously don’t let me eat like this again!!! On to the green salads of 2018!

Number Three

While I was violently ill, I saw this beautiful bouquet on my way to lose my cookies. I have a good man that treated me to breakfast, flowers, and a special gift on our anniversary morning. I was too sick to enjoy it at the time but they sure are making me happy now on my dining room table.

Number Four

The perfect dress. I fell in love with this dress at Old Navy and bought it for NYE celebrating. When we got to go out a few nights later there was no way I was not wearing it. It is actually super comfy and I love the peek a boo shoulders. It caught my eye because it is different. It was inexpensive but made me feel amazing when we went out!

Number Five

We ended our night without kids with breakfast at the Irving. It was the perfect way to end our anniversary celebrations. We chatted and laughed over a yummy breakfast. Afterwards we picked up the kids from my Mom’s house and they were so excited to see us and tell us about their night. We really needed a little break even just for one night to recharge. So thankful we got that time together.

My week started out with me very sick but it ended with me feeling great so I would say not a bad start to the New Year! Have a wonderful weekend friends and I will see you back here on Monday!


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