New Year New Changes


School is back today!!! I am dropping off Miss Charlie this morning with a huge change…glasses! I am so glad she had Winter break to get use to wearing them. She has been great at keeping them on and remembering to put them on each day. She takes great care of them but by the end of the day I have to scrub them they are so filthy! She has been loving the extra attention her new specs have been getting her. Several people thought I have been wearing them on her for fashion and that they are not real, haha. They are REAL I am not that committed to fashion that I would get my kid to wear fake glasses. Miss Charlie knew she wanted pink glasses the moment she was told she was getting them. These ones are Disney brand and I think they really suite her. We only bought the one pair for now but as I get ready to send her to school it is making me nervous so I think I better order another pair ASAP.

Just call us “Joanna and Chip” because this past weekend we got started on our long list of 2018 Renos! There is so much that needs to be done and updated in our house it is a tad overwhelming. We took a big break from doing any Renos after we added on the extension to our home. That was a major Reno and exhausting. Now there is so much we want to do and change but our time and funds are limited!

We decided to start with our bathroom since it is a small room and was the most in need of an update. The colours in the older section of our home no longer suite the style I prefer. The plan is to change the beige walls in the common rooms to white to give it a fresh crisp feel and I wanted to be bold and do our bathroom a dark colour. I was actually surprised when Jordan agreed. It is now completely painted we just need to finish staining the shelving and adding the hardware. We both love how it looks and had so much fun working on it together. I am always the roller and Jordan does all the cutting in. We make a good team. I can’t wait to share the finished project with you!

In case you thought I was starting the new year with a project and had my life in order I thought I would share this. My Christmas tree is still up!!!! I have a massive mess of bathroom fixtures and stuff in my hallway. Everywhere I look in my house there is some sort of mess. My Monday will be spent trying to catch up up on my cleaning! Although, I will not be able to tackle this bathroom mess much until I finish off the painting.

It feels good tackling a project in January though even with the mess it causes. I often only think about what I want to do in January and don’t actually get to it until the fall. Hoping this means my 2018 will be filled with lots of productivity!

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