Snow falling outside Tornado hit inside

It seems like every time I look out my window snow is falling from the sky. I actually have been really enjoying it. ย I am trying not to get too attached because word on the street is that a lot of rain is headed our way. All week though I have been sending the kids out to play and they have been really enjoying it. They stay out until I make them come in and only listen to me when I bribe them with hot chocolates or they use it as a bargaining tool. “We will come in if you make us hot chocolate” haha I love it and usually oblige.

Inside the house it is a tornado. Half of the Christmas decor is down and put away while the tree and pictures remain up. Part of my bathroom is in our hallway as we are still finishing up our painting and shelving in there. I on the other hand feel completely exhausted like Billy in the pic above. Getting sick over New Years really threw me off of my normal after Christmas routine. All Christmas decor is usually down and put away before the end of the year. Now I know why, if I don’t immediately take it down then it seems to take me forever to get it put away.

At least the decor is off the tree, right!? I am also having the problem that every time I put something away one of the kids brings something out of their room and leaves it. So for every one item placed back two make their way out to the common area. Miss Charlie came riding out of her room as I was cleaning. She looked so cute and told me she was a princess so I had to take a pic. At the end of the day I found myself picking up all of these items. #momlife

I did get one thing crossed off my “to do” list this week though. I set up my scrap booking desk in Miss Charlie’s room. The desk is old and cheap. Which is the perfect type to pass down to a five year old. It is one of those put together ones from Michael’s. I wanted to give her a place where she could color, craft, and do her homework. I have not scrap booked in years and I knew she would get a ton of use out of it.

Hopefully by the end of the week I will have this “tornado” on the inside of the house under control. It will feel nice to have everything organized and put away properly even if it seems to be taking forever. I am determined to keep a clean house for at least one day this month!

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