5 Things that make me Happy

What a week! I can honestly say I am very happy this week has come to an end. Jordan worked all week and it was a doozy for me. Let’s keep our focus on the happy though! Here we go:

Number One:

The number one thing I am happy about today is that this girl is back to healthy! She got hit with the flu bug on Tuesday night and boy was it a bad one. Seeing one of your kids sick has to be the worst feeling ever. I would rather have been sick again then see her tiny body struggle through it. She was such a champ though. Today she is back to school and feeling great. Yay!!! This makes me super happy.

Number Two

The Christmas decor: ALL OF IT is packed away deep in my walk in closet under our stairwell. The Christmas tree was the last to go but it has finally been put away. This seriously took me FOREVER this year. I really did not want to do the work of taking it down and putting it all away. I wanted it to be magically done. Having it all away means I can now get started organizing the rest of the house and finishing up our bathroom renovation. It feels so good!

Number Three

Speaking of renovations, I picked out and bought this light fixture for our bathroom. For anyone doing renovations the prices and light fixtures at Home Depot were awesome. I had such a hard time choosing. When we bought and renovated our home 6 years ago we chose the cheapest light fixtures for it we could find. We were on a budget. I am finally getting around to changing them out for fixtures that are more my style. There will be lot’s of painting and fixture changing in 2018 and I am really looking forward to it!

Number Four

Today I am at a course for work for 12hrs so yesterday I made sure to spend some extra quality time with the kids. Mr Simon got these wind back cars that zoom and spin so we pushed back the furniture, created a finish line, and had races. It was great to just get on the floor and spend some quality time with both of the kids. Especially after Miss Charlie being so sick and us all being overtired. I am sure they will have Jordan playing this with them while I am away today.

Number Five

Last but not least my word for 2018! I am following one of my favourite authors/podcasters  Gretchen Rubin and picking a one word theme for the year instead of making resolutions. I did this last year as some of you may recall and my word was “OPEN”. It was a great year and I had so many opportunities to be “open” to new things. The word I am picking for this year is “ATTITUDE”. I can have quite a bad attitude when I have to do something I don’t want to do or when something/someone throws me off. I immediately tend to have a bad attitude. I really want to work on that this year. I know having a better more positive attitude will ultimately help me to be happier!

There I already feel happier just listing those 5 things when I know I can write easily 50 and that is in a week with a sick kid and a major lack of sleep! I hope you all have a great weekend. If you have a moment share in the comments your one work theme for this year or your resolutions I would love to hear them!

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