Bathroom Renovations 2018

After Christmas and before we even began taking down the Christmas decor we started renovating our bathroom. Jordan was on vacation so it seemed like the perfect time to get started on a project before he headed back to work. Looking back we should have waited. In the midst of renovating I came down with the flu. Our Christmas decor lingered into January and half of our bathroom was sitting in the hall…for days. I am happy it is pretty much completed and yes the Christmas decor finally got put away but our home still remains in chaos. Miss Charlie started with the flu last week which meant my focus was on her and laundry not a tidy house. Hopefully by the end of this month we will have everything where it needs to be. Renovating with kids is a challenge even when you are only doing a small bathroom.

Here is a “before” snap of our main bathroom. I was always disappointed in the way it looked even when it was tidy. It is our main bathroom. It is also the kids bathroom. It gets a lot of everyday use. To be honest though I kind of gave up on it thinking we need to be able to use the space it is what it is. When company came though I felt embarrassed about it. It has been on our “list” to do something with, add shelving, paint, and storage for 3 years! Jordan and I have many renovations we would like to do in our home this year but when it came time to decided where to start we both said “bathroom”!

I told Jordan I wanted to paint it navy and he just looked at me, so I googled “navy bathrooms” and showed him pictures and he immediately agreed. He got to work cleaning out the bathroom while I went out to pick out the colour of paint I wanted. I bought it at Kent and it is called “Black Denim” by SICO. We have white trim and we would like to add white crown molding, our door is white, as well as our sink, toilet, and tub so I knew there was enough white in the room to handle a dark wall colour.

One of my requests was to have floating shelves instead of a towel rack so Jordan built and stained those for me. I purchased fancy lotion bottles to disguise the kids shampoo and bubble bath. They take baths almost every night and I didn’t want to have to constantly take out and put away their products. Jordan and I have a bathroom in our room with a shower so we take baths in here maybe twice a month. Our stuff is on a shelf in the closet. It does not need to be on display. As for toothbrushes; I have on order a wall tooth brush and tooth pasted holder so they will no longer be crowded on the sink. I even picked up new hand towels and bath towels and got rid of the old ones that would make their way out and into use.

We did not go crazy shopping for all new items for our bathroom. This picture for example was from Mr Simon’s room and the stump my parents made me last year and has been in many different spots in our home. I thought it would be perfect in here to hold a couple of magazines or towels. Sometimes just changing things around your home can make a big difference and that way you don’t end up cluttering it with more new stuff that may not be needed. Less is more!

All in all I am very happy with how it turned out and so is Jordan. It feels so new and fresh. A few small changes made a big difference. Do you have changed you would like to make in your home this year or a room you feel embarrassed about? Let me know in the comments below!

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