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Do I look as tired as I feel??? Hello Wednesday! Since New Years Eve we have been taking turns getting sick with the flu/cold in this house. It seems one of us gets hit with a bug every few days. I have personally been sick twice in the past two weeks! Cold and Flu season is truly kicking our butts this year. I am going to say pretty confidently that they did not get the flu shot right this time around since we all had ours and we have all been sick this season. Amongst the chaos of sickness though I have been cleaning, organizing, and changing around our house. In this picture I am sitting on one of our newest purchases!

Beanbag chairs for the kids!!! Our loft above our dining room has been our living room area and in it we had our biggest tv and a sectional. We also had some of the kids toys. It is a small space so this did not leave much floor space for play. My kids love to be outdoors during the warmer months so we are not inside much. Over the Winter though, I noticed they were a bit cramped to play in this area. Play started to mean jump on the couch and throw the cushions on the floor and they were constantly touching the tv. In the evening when I came here to unwind I would find myself cleaning it instead.

We have a large master bedroom so we decided to move the sectional and big tv to our bedroom and give the kids the loft for a more open play area. This week I will start painting again and I am going to paint this green wall with the leftover navy paint from the bathroom and all the beige walls in our home will eventually be painted white. The kids now have our smaller tv which I put on this higher antique dresser so no fingers can reach it. After I paint I’ll bring up some more toys from their rooms. Mr Simon’s big train set will be making it’s way up here soon.

I picked up these storage baskets for Mr Simon’s toys so he can easily get to them. Miss Charlie’s are in the antique trunk. Mr Simon is unable to open the trunk which makes Miss Charlie happy because having your little bro play and touch your toys is “so annoying”.

So far the kids have been loving this change. While switching furniture around I also took the time to go through and get rid of junk and toys the kids no longer play with. It was a big job but it feels great to get organized. I am so thankful that Jordan goes along with all my crazy ideas and moves the big furniture for me!

It has been baby steps but we are slowly getting things done on our to do list. I hope your week is going well and that you are staying away from all the sickness! Wash your hands…all. of. the. time.

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