Life Lately

I am so sad the weekend is over it was such a good one!!! My Friday night began with all this delicious food and plenty of girl talk. Miss Charlie had a movie night put on by her school so I dropped her off and a few of us Mom’s got together. It was great to get out, chat, and eat of course! When I picked Miss Charlie up from her movie she told me I missed all the fun…haha…yup, guess I did or had my own fun! Saturday was not my day. I had plans to hit Costco but we got all the way there and I could not go in. The parking lot was insane and I just could not take on the crowds. I picked myself up a latte and the kids up lunch and headed home. It felt like I wasted the day but in reality I think I needed a down day.

This guy came home Saturday night and informed me he had taken the day off work on Sunday. We tucked in watched “New Girl” on Netflix together. The kids were in bed it was exactly what we both needed. I was so happy to wake up Sunday morning and have him home with me. We made pancakes to celebrate.

After church I went with a friend to a “Peekaboo Beans” pop up sale in our city. I stocked up on clothes for Miss Charlie and Mr Simon which were super affordable. This brand makes great, durable, clothes for kids.

Here they are in some of their new stuff. They were both super excited about it. I love a good sale so I was super excited about it too!

Every Sunday afternoon we head to my Mom’s. When we are there we usually go on some type of walk or hike. Last week I took the kids sledding and this week there absolutely no snow. It looks and feels like spring out. We went through the woods on a hike but my sister and I lost track of everyone because we were too busy taking photos. Yes, there are times we leave our phones behind and this is why but it was just so beautiful out.

That is life lately around here. Hope you all had a great weekend! Happy Monday!


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