Happier at Home January

I am back today with my January chapter of “Happier at Home” by Gretchen Rubin. This chapter was all about “time”. It was fitting seeing how I ran around the entire month of January like a crazy person doing too much or absolutely nothing at all. There was no in between for that entire month. I look back now and see that I spent a lot of energy stressing about things that were out of my control which left me deflated. I watched a ton a Netflix shows, renovated and organized in the house. I did not use my time very wisely and often found myself frustrated with the housework that needed to be done. I would get so upset I would end up doing nothing. I am happy to find out I am not the only one as Gretchen says in the book:

“Sometimes I’m so overwhelmed with all the things I can’t possibly accomplish that I get paralyzed, and end up leafing through some magazine I’ve already read, because I can’t figure out where to start.”

Oh my goodness that is so ME! After reading this page I started going through Mr Simon’s drawers and getting rid of all of his clothing that was too small.

When I finished that I went through his room which had been a mess of toys for weeks. Then I went to Miss Charlie’s room and went through her drawers. I organized and threw out. Both rooms were clean and I had a stack of boxes ready to go. I didn’t stop there though I made sure first thing the next morning I got them out of my house. It felt great to get this daunting task taken care of! I happy to say I have kept both rooms clean and moved on to our loft which was covered in toys. The kids helped me clean that since it is their space. They took turns with the vacuum and thought cleaning was great fun, ha!

In the book she also talks about guarding your kids free time. At this moment neither of the kids are involved in any extracurricular activities during the school year. Mr Simon goes to play group while I am at Bible Study on Thursday mornings but that is it. I have learned that I am a home body in the winter months and dragging two kids out in five layers of clothing while one has fun and one watches is not so fun for anyone. So Miss Charlie has been in swim lessons and plays soccer twice a week over the Summer. I really enjoy having something to take her to in the Summer. Mr Simon can run around and play with a ball on the side lines. Mr Simon will start swim lessons this year too! This works for our family for now but I am also open to changing it if one of the kids really want to join a sport or play an instrument during the year.

With their free time at home I am trying to guard it by spending more quality one on one time with each of them. For Mr Simon that means building train tracks. He loves trains so much right now. He also loves to just be close to me and often he will sit on my lap when we are playing together. Miss Charlie loves to draw, write, color, and do crafts right now. The other night we worked on her Valentine Day cards together after Mr Simon went to bed. She also loved to cuddle in for “watching sleepovers” these are just movie nights with popcorn and she usually falls asleep before the movie is finished. For these nights I usually pick a non-cartoon movie to watch with her.

Last but not least Gretchen discusses going on monthly adventures with her husband. I would not call any of the time Jordan and I spend together adventurous, haha. We do spend quality time together though. Just the other morning we dropped the kids off at my Mom’s so we could go out together. She sent me this picture of my kids with their cousins all eating candy. At Grandma’s house they get some quality time and so do we. It is a win win!

Time is that thing we always think we will have more of next week. This chapter made me think about if I was enjoying how I was spending my time and make some little tweaks to help me spend it better for me. I go through seasons when I am very organized with my time and seasons when it gets ahead of me and I feel as if I will never catch up. I find my self annoyed when I hear myself or others complain about time. We make our own schedules but often we act as if it owns us.

My tip this week is to make time for yourself. Do not wait for the Valentine spa gift certificate from your man next week. Book that manicure, massage, or hair appt. today. Instead of anticipating a break in your near future you will have it preplanned and will be looking forward to it.


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