Happy Love Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. We love to celebrate over here and a day about love is worth celebrating to me! On holidays I always do up our table the night before and have it ready for a special breakfast. I have been doing this before Pinterest, instagram, blogging, and even kids. Holidays have always been a big deal in my family growing up and I love keeping this tradition alive. Now please know our “special” breakfast is waffles, with fresh raspberries, and whip cream. I keep it pretty simple but the kids love it. It is fun to make things extra special for them.

I have heard many Moms complain about doing last minute Valentines and getting them ready the night before so I knew this was something I needed to purchase and have done early. I wanted Miss Charlie to have the practice of writing the names and her own name. I am happy to say I did not help her but only showed her by doing an example one. This is a BIG deal for me! #controlfreak

She did great and I am so proud of her. They were completely finished 2 weeks early. We took advantage of a snow day and got them done. #momwin

I purchased her cards from Winners. I knew she would like that they were dogs. I liked that they gave her plenty of space to write. I knew that the smaller cards would be hard for her to print the names on. I bought heart shaped suckers to put with them as a little treat. She is VERY excited to have a party with her class tomorrow. I bet she will be up early early in the morning.

I love decorating the night before and celebrating every holiday in the morning. By supper time I have no idea what shape I’ll be in(the joys of having young kids). So this takes the pressure off for me for the rest of the day. No heart shaped suppers are happening over here, this is it! We do give a gift on V-day usually it is an under $10 gift and a treat. A couple of weeks ago though Miss Charlie asked and asked for a “Fingerling Monkey” I told her maybe for Valentine’s Day. Not very smart of me. The girl has literally driven me mad for the past two weeks over this toy. Now I am mad at myself for giving more expensive toys then I’d like to on Valentine’s. It is what it is this year and the lesson has been learned for next year. When we buy our kids toys it is always planned so it is often on a holiday. My kids very seldom if ever get to purchase toys at the grocery store or if we browsed a toy store. I just should have surprised her with the fingerling or something else instead of pairing it with this holiday. It was like Christmas and the Hatchimal all over again. Please learn from my mistakes, haha.

Jordan and I are pretty low key at Valentine’s. We do not enjoy being out on this holiday at all. We love to stay in. Tonight we will enjoy a candle lit dinner and a Netflix movie. Even before kids this is how we celebrated. What are your plans? Stay snuggled in OR dress up and go out? I hope you all have a great day and of course I am sending love to you all!



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