Birthday Girl

I have a ton of vacation photos to share with you from our awesome adventure last week but today I wanted to talk about my girl. This weekend Miss Charlie became my six year old and I am still in shock! How did my baby girl get so big so fast!?

Unfortunately, this year I had to work on her actual birthday. She was happy to get up early though and open her gifts before I left. When I got home that afternoon we had an early supper and then headed on a BIG walk as per the Birthday Girl’s request.

After cake we all snuggled in with popcorn and candy to watch Toy Story. It was a great way to spend some quality time as a family and with our girl. The cake was a 100% store bought. I am not a baker and with working the weekend I definitely didn’t have time to get too fancy. The candles were a “Winners” find.

We do every birthday different around here. We don’t always do a party and I definitely aim to make it special but always keep it simple. We do the first birthday grande and invite everyone and then after that I keep it more low key. This year I told Miss Charlie she could invite two friends to a movie or that they could get their nails done. She jumped at the nail idea. So I picked up her two friends and off to the salon we went. They each got a “princess manicure”. After, we went to DQ for lunch and ice cream and then to a nearby playground to play. She had a blast and I was happy! It all cost under $50 and it took very little effort from me. I am sure in the future she will want to do it bigger with more friends but I am keeping it small and simple for as long as possible over here.

This girl got some birthday money she was eager to spend so my Mom, Sister, and I took her to the mall. She was so excited to have a “Girls Day”. We made it all about her and tagged along as she took the time to decide what to get. It was a little painful. We had supper together and she was loving being out with the “girls”.

Miss Charlie had a full Birthday weekend with lots of love and fun and that is what counts! I feel so blessed to have her in my life. I will never forget that feeling the first time I held her. I could not believe she was actually mine. So many emotions. I am far from the perfect parent and I am still 6 years young but here are 3 things I have noticed make a huge difference in mine and Miss Charlie’s lives:

  1. Sorry, a simple word that helps us both move on to forgiveness when I raise my voice or she acts up. We both mess up and just as it is important for me to not expect perfection from her it is also equally important for her to know that I am also not perfect and that I also make mistakes.
  2. Affection: hugs, kisses, and a million “I love you’s” a day. There does not need to be a reason to show affection and we do all. the. time.
  3. Prayers, spending a little time each day to think of others and to pray for them. Listening to my little girl list out and pray for all of my friends was jaw dropping. Taking a few minutes to thank God for the things we have in our lives and to think on that is so important. So many great conversations have been had after prayer time and learning and for me remembering that not everyone in the world is living like us.

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