5 Things that make me Happy…on VACATION

Switching it up today to talk more about our vacation at the WDW Dolphin. I have to say this post could easily be 20 things and it was really hard to pick only 5! We had so much fun on our kid free trip. Let’s get started!

Number One:

While in Epcot you can travel and eat around the World and that is exactly what we did. Epcot is more of an educational park and definitely not the favourite park of many ride enthusiasts but we love it! I mean one minute your in Germany and the next minute you are having a macron in France. When in Epcot one of my favourite places to go is the bakery in France. This was my second time purchasing a raspberry lemon macaron and they are so delicious. We spent mid morning and early afternoon walking the World Showcase at Epcot. We even stopped by Canada where they sell beavertails but I was not about to purchase something I could get at home.

Number Two

The Animal Kingdom has my very favourite ride out of ALL of Disney. It is the safari ride where you feel like you are driving out in the actual safari. The entire ride I did not see a fence of any sort they are just so good at this. We saw hippos, elephants, lions, wort hogs, you name it. I felt like I could reach out and touch the giraffes that is how close they got.

Number Three:

Disney Springs! Wow this place has come a long way. It is a must see when visiting Orlando. Full of shops, restaurants, and entertainment. There is a Disney Christmas shop where I always buy an ornament for our Christmas tree as a vacation memory. I love putting these on the tree and remembering our vacation as I do so. While here we ate at the Rainforest Cafe and I had the most delicious plate of pasta during a thunderstorm. Yes, you feel like you are in an actual rainforest and a full on thunderstorm happens it is so fun.

Number Four

For the first time we went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios while in Florida. I absolutely loved this park. It was a great mix of shows and rides! I am not a huge Star Wars fan but I can tell you I thoroughly enjoyed everything Star Wars in this park. While Jordan went on the Rockin Roller Coaster I got to see a live musical of Beauty and the Beast. The night show was spectacular too! I definitely won’t skip this park again.

Number Five

Last but not least the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. Now I have been to this quite a few times and it has ALWAYS been great. This year though it was jaw dropping. One of us was so stunned ahem he even shed a few tears, haha. The entire thing was spectacular I cannot wait to take my kids next time.

EVERYTHING about this vacation was great for us. The weather, the resort, the fact that we went for only 5 days. It was perfect for US. The one thing I did right when planning this vacation was getting everyone else out of my head and really thinking about what Jordan and I would enjoy. Then, I stopped telling people. It seemed like everyone had an opinion about going to Florida in June, how long we were going for, where we should stay and on and on. We picked exactly what we wanted and had the best time. I highly suggest a kid free vacation for any parents out there. We waited too long to take our first one.


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