Canada Day Weekend

We had a lovely Canada Day long weekend. It was so sunny and hot which made it perfect weather for the beach and the pool. We had thoughts of camping but that quickly passed when we seen how packed the campgrounds were. So instead we had a staycation.

On Saturday morning we hit the beach. I worked Thursday and Friday evening so my friend told us to just show up and she would handle all the food. I know she is like the besets friend ever. I did nothing and she had us an awesome spot set up on the beach. The kids immediately ran down to the water and played and she handed me a cold Starbucks Frappucino drink. We sat, chatted, and watched the kids it was blissful.

We did not get home from the beach that day until after 4pm! On the way home we stopped at the Irving by our house and picked up hotdogs and the kids ate those as soon as we got home. I mean 2 hotdogs for $1.50…quickest and cheapest supper ever! After giving two really good baths and scrubbing every inch of sand off pj’s were put on, popcorn popped, and we started a movie at 5:15pm. By 7pm we had two sleeping angels. It was a perfect day for all!

On Canada Day we had family plans to spend the afternoon and supper at my Mom’s pool. We all brought snacks and had a BBQ. Then we swam the day away. My Mom even went as far as to make us all special pineapple drinks.

We ended the day with a trip to get ice cream cones and let the kids play at the park. It was the perfect ending to a fun day. The kids again fell into a coma of sleep once we arrived home.

I was so excited to have Jordan home on Monday. This meant Miss Charlie and I could have some girl time at the pool in the morning. While the boys stayed home and got haircuts. It was such a humid day that by that afternoon we all headed back to the pool for a quick swim before supper. After supper I picked up two large slushies at the Irving and split them up between the four of us. We ended our long weekend with fireworks by Jordan and our slushie drinks.

We plan on making the most of the weekends we have off together this summer. So far we are off to a good start. It really does not take much though to make this crew happy! Hope you all had a great long weekend and are enjoying a short work week!

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