5 Things that make me Happy

What an amazing week! We have truly embraced Summer over here and are just enjoying every minute of it. Swimming, BBQ’s, beach, playgrounds we have done it all. I am so into making the most of this season. Here are 5 Things that are making me HAPPY this week:

Number One:

Hello Fresh!!! We took a little break from Hello Fresh before we went away and I missed it. The food is so delicious. Each time I put it on a plate I am so excited because I made it! I do not love to cook but I find these Hello Fresh recipes so fun. It probably helps that I don’t have to go out and search the grocery store for ingredients. If you ever want to try a box use code: hollyan for a percentage off or message me because sometimes I have free boxes to give away. It is worth a try. The food is YUM. I have really been enjoying this weeks box last evening we had the Baja Fish Tacos and they were so good. I will also add that Hello Fresh also tastes better after the kids are tucked in to bed! #datenight

Number Two:

It has been a heatwave here this week. Thank goodness for Grandma’s pool. We have been thoroughly enjoying dropping in on her for a quick dip. My Mom having a pool is literally the best thing ever. I don’t have to clean it, put chemicals in it, or heat it. We just get to show up and swim. We have also taken the kids to a public pool to swim near us. It has been a great way to cool off and have fun. Thank goodness for pools on humid days!

Number Three:

Give me all the ice cream. I love ice cream like a child. It is one of my favourite desserts. So this week I have had the kids out for ice cream a few times. When kids are hot and cranky a little ride in an air conditioned vehicle to get some ice cream changes everything. We had some DQ freebees saved from past kids meals we used up and I had the worlds best blizzard. No, seriously. It is the Royal Oreo Blizzard, an Oreo blizzard with hot fudge poured down the center. Just stop what you are doing and go get it then tag me in picture you take. It tastes like the best part of a DQ ice cream cake. I am addicted. I love it!

Number Four:

I am loving my coke basket. I am a coke 0 lover back off Pepsi people! Lately when we find it on sale it ends up on my shelf in the boxes. The look of that was bugging me and then I found this cute basket at Homesense and problem solved. Even Jordan commented that he liked it and I was in shock he noticed. It works and looks cute at the same time.

Number Five:

I have completely given up at packing snacks and lunches for the playground. My kids eat the best when they are home and not distracted and I find unless you are taking a day trip or at the beach for the day it is a waste of time an energy to pack food for the playground. Right now the best time to go to the playground is in the morning before it becomes too hot outside. We have been going and hitting up Macdonalds along the way for their dollar drink days. A small smoothie is $2 and the kids love them an iced coffee is only $1! This and their water bottles completely satisfies my kiddos for their morning snacks. It also gets me out the door with them quicker now that I’m not searching for snacks to bring. It is quick, easy, and I love it. #millenialmom

That is it for this week’s happiness post but I want to hear what makes you happy. Please tag me in your pictures on instagram and let me know what is making you happy!

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