Iced Coffee

I drank a lot of iced coffee this past weekend and even this morning, haha. Truth be told the one I keep on buying I don’t even love. It is cheap, convenient, and gets the job done though aka wakes me up! I just keep on buying it and drinking it up.

On Friday I went shopping with some family as it was my nephews b-day. I went into Party City for the first time and whoa one could lose a lot of money on paper and balloons in that place. I also came across the worlds largest Rice Krispie square. It is for parties but I picture myself eating it and watching Netflix and I am going to take a guess that this is what the majority of people who buy this do.

On Saturday and Sunday I worked! It was not my weekend to work but I reluctantly said yes for some O.T. So I was at work for ten hours on each of those days which does not leave a lot of time for weekend fun. I did make time to take the kids to the pool though after work. Which was so nice to cool off after a hot day of wearing scrubs. I drank so many iced coffees while working even bought some for my coworkers and then Jordan met me after work with one. I was on an iced coffee high.

On Sunday I got home at supper time and Jordan made this yummy HelloFresh meal. It is so nice to have someone else cook for you and it not to be something made in the toaster or microwave. Iced coffees and food are the way to my heart. #feedmeandtellmeimpretty

I always try to make the most of my weekend even if I have to work. I was able to have fun at work and at home this weekend and it only took a cheap crappy iced coffee! Thanks Micky D’s, haha. I do not like missing Sunday service though. I really love Sunday mornings and heading to Church as a family. My new schedule has me every second weekend but I don’t start work until 1pm which means I no longer have to miss Sunday mornings. I will miss these pictures though of Jordan showing me he put on exactly what I picked out the kids to wear, haha. Let me add he if very thankful when I pick out the kids clothes this is something that stresses him out.

Hope you all had a great weekend and an awesome Monday it is what you make it!



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  1. Lol I agree that the McDonald’s iced coffee is not the best. I don’t even like Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee. If those are my only choices, I get an iced latte. It tastes much better.

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