My Camping Gal

Miss Charlie just got back from a two night stay at Camp and I am so happy. That was a LONG three days!!! I never planned to send her to camp at just six years old I always thought she would be at least eight but I have to say this was a great practice run. My hubby and I both grew up going to camp, volunteering at camp, and working at camp. Camp is a wonderful experience. Miss Charlie asked to go after having a field trip with her school to this particular camp. I decided to be brave connected with another Mom in her class and sent her with a friend.

While she was gone Mr Simon adjusted quite quickly to being an only child, haha. For a couple of days he got our full attention and he was loving it. With just one kid to please I was able to get some major cleaning out done especially in Miss Charlie’s room and have a nap. On Monday I fell asleep for an hour and it was ahhhhhmmmazzzing. Although I was still super hyper that day come 9pm.

Yesterday we picked up Miss Charlie and she had so much to tell us. I can tell she made some great memories and friends. Her little voice was so quiet while she talked I could tell she was pretty worn out. I remember as a kid being so exhausted after camp.

I immediately ran her a bath got her all washed up, pyjamas on, and tucked her into bed. She was very happy to be home and sleeping in her own room. I told her how proud I was of her for being such a brave girl and staying two whole nights without us. She asked if she could go again next year, haha, of course she can!

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