5 Things that make me Happy

This was a MUCH happier week over here! This weekend I must work BUT we have an exciting long weekend to look forward to in the near future and I am going to be doing a lot of packing next week. Raise your hand or your coffee mug if you have great plans next weekend…cheers! Now onto the stuff making me happy right now!

Number One:

Oh baby this was good! You already know I love HelloFresh and this week it really delivered some good ones! This was the Lemony Orzo Pasta Salad. It was super easy to make and major YUM. Lately Jordan has come home super hungry after work and in the summer we are much more relaxed about meal times. The kids and I are not usually ready to eat until 5:30-6pm. So I have been making hello fresh at lunch eating my portion then and plating Jordans in the fridge for when he gets home. He has been loving this and so have I. I am all about making things as easy as possible during these warmer months.

Number Two:

I am in love with my new strawberry bathmat by Matilda Jane. The company had a major sale and free shipping last month so I bought a few items. I am loving the pop of color in my navy bathroom. The kids are loving it too. Every time Mr Simon goes into the bathroom he comes to get me to say “look strawberries”.

Number Three:

My girl got back from a two night stay at camp on Tuesday. We missed her a lot and she missed us too. I am so proud of all of us though for being brave. It was not easy to let her go but I am so glad we did. She had a wonderful time and came back looking so much older.

Number Four:

I made time Tuesday evening to get my hair did! I love getting my hair done but it is always such a hassle to make the time for it. We have been so busy lately. I went in at 8pm and didn’t get out until after 10p(aka after my bedtime) so I came home and slept on my pretty hair. It was not looking so glam the next morning but hey you take the time you can get and it is done for another couple of months. #woot

Number Five:

Summer isn’t it easy there is a lot of energy in this house. This year Mr Simon is 2.5 years old so he is definitely testing his boundaries and Miss Charlie at 6 years old so she feels she is old enough to take care of herself and is no longer in need of a parent, haha. The most difficult for me is the early mornings especially when I work until 11pm. Jordan is a saint though and always feeds them breakfast before he heads off to work each morning. We have been doing things most mornings BUT we are never rushed. That is what I love about summer. We don’t have anything to get out the door to go to. It is just fun stuff. I am really enjoying just spending time and having fun with these two each day and we still have another whole month left! #woot

Hope you all had a great week I know I did. I’ll see you back here on Monday!

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