Bye July

Just like that another Summer month is over! I am so thankful we have the month of August though. On the agenda for this month is to finish school shopping early so that we can sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of summer!

We spent our last week of the month swimming, playing on the playground, going for hikes, and eating ice cream. I think we ended July well. My one disappointment is that we did not get on a camping trip. We had one weekend we could and I ended up working. We will see what happens this month. Last summer we went camping 3x and had great weather. This summer has been a bit more challenging to plan with weather and work. My hope is we can get at least one in and maybe go once in the early fall before it gets too cold.

Miss Charlie had her last time at Soccer on Monday. They had a Disney princess themed jamboree which was super cute to watch. Even Mr Simon enjoyed watching the princesses play.

She was very proud of her medal. Everyone gets a medal twice a season at soccer it is a little over done. I really wish they just did ones for most improved, most goals, best attendance, etc. I am completely okay with my kid going home without a medal. She is oblivious to the fact that every kid got one though and it super proud of hers, haha. I win, you win, we all win!

Now I need to get back to packing we are headed to Family Camp for the long weekend! This means we get to go to camp have a bunch of fun and most importantly I don’t have to cool…ANYTHING!!! Praise Hands!!!! Since Jordan and I went to Florida in June we did no plan a family vacation this year. So this is what we decided to do as a family instead. This way everyone gets to have fun. I better go get my packing done.

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