Family Camp

For the long weekend we went to “Family Camp” at Caton’s Island. We were invited by friends to share a cabin with them and I am so glad it worked out that we got to go. We made so many memories and had a great weekend.

To get to Caton’s Island you have to take a barge or a boat. Our van had to stay on the mainland which meant everything we packed needed to be brought on the boat. This made packing a little stressful for me. It took me 3 days!!! We got everything over though and some nice gentlemen met us at the dock and took all of our stuff to our cabin.

What did we do at Family Camp? We did a lot! We did rope courses, canoeing, zip lining, swimming, and I even went on the trampoline and water slide. We played games as a family and with other families.

When we were real tired we had naps in the hammock Daddy brought and hung outside our cabin.

I spent a lot of time with this gal. We stayed up after the kids went to bed to chat, eat junkfood, and play “Things in a Box”. Her and I also jumped on the water trampoline like a couple six year olds!

What did we eat? Delicious food that I did not have to prepare or clean up and yes my kids ate everything there too. I am sure if I made the exact meals at home though they wouldn’t, haha. #kids

Our cabin was really basic. This was one side and the other side was the same. Yes, the kids slept in here all together. After such long days of fun sleep was not an issue like I thought it would be. Although, Mr Simon decided sleeping with me was better than sleeping alone. I will admit my bed was pretty comfy.

In the evenings there was a big campfire. There were hot dogs and marshmallows for roasting and even fresh baked cookies!

I looked pretty crazy all weekend with unwashed hair and very little make up and I loved it. I loved letting go no one cares what you look or smell like at camp.

This was a really great inexpensive way to have a vacation as a family. I mean come on not having to cook or clean that is a vacation on it’s own. We also had chapel in the evenings with beautiful music and great speaker who really made me think. Did I mention full child care during this! This was the highlight of our summer and I am so glad we got to go and and spend time with some really great people. Sign me up for next year!

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