We have a new family member named Java! Since our 10 year old chihuahua passed away there has been a lot of dog talk in this house. I always thought that after Billy was gone that we would take an animal break. I also thought though that it would still be a few more years until she was actually gone.

Jordan and I both wanted to get a dog but he was in no rush. It was me who started madly searching for a new pet. At one point I even considered a cat. With Billy gone it was just so lonely around the house. I looked at shelters and rescues and first had my mind on an older dog. However, they always said no to young kids at the animal rescues. Which I completely understand but it totally sucked!

I came across an ad on kijiji and saw a picture of Java and her sister and knew I must know more. Jordan knew about her but didn’t know that I had come to an agreement and was going to go pick her up in Amherst, NS. My friend Heather and I went on a secret mission to get the dog. Once I saw her I knew she was mine. She is a maltipoo border collie mix.

Jordan was very happy that I got us a new pet and surprised him. #phew The kids woke up the next day to a puppy and they were very excited.  My reason for not wanting a puppy was all of the training. So far though Java has done really well with only one in house accident since I brought her home and  that was on her first night here.

So we are here doing puppy life which means a lot of walks outside and trips to the vet. It has been fun though and I think we ended up with the perfect time of year to be doing this. Java’s name was my pick we drink a lot of coffee around here and she is the perfect colouring for a coffee inspired name. I am off to save my shoes from puppy teeth see you back here on Wednesday!

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