5 Things that make me Happy

Wow, it has been a busy but fun week over here. We have been spending more time at home with our new puppy so we have had lots of visitors. Here are just a few things making me happy right now:

Number One:

Are you sick of the puppy pictures yet? I hope not because they are not going to stop. We have had Java for one week and she is fully at home here and happy with her new family. She is a super sweet dog. She loves to cuddle and snuggle and is content to sleep. She is also full of energy and loves to run and play fetch. This dog was meant for our family a perfect fit!

Number Two:

We all love when Daddy gets home from work. It is like a celebrity has entered the building. We especially love it though when he brings us unexpected treats. Two big slushies came home the other day with him, which I split into four cups, but the kids were convinced they were each getting one, haha. My favourite is when Starbucks makes it way home of course but this hit the spot on a humid day.

Number Three:

Speaking of the heat you can always count on it being a little cooler by the ocean. I loved taking the kids to my childhood beach and having a day trip with them. Miss Charlie searched out shells and Mr Simon threw a ton of rocks into the water. I love that sea breeze and salty air.

Number Four:

School is just around the corner! Raise your hand if you completely failed at educating your child over the summer. I did! We were going to practice words and reading. Instead we just had too much fun and flopped into our beds at the end of each day. I am excited for the routine of the school year to start but am also going to miss my lazy mornings. This gal can’t wait to be in grade 1!

Number Five:

Speaking of school I am super excited about this purchase! Swell Bottles are on sale right now at Indigo and I grabbed one for Miss Charlie. This will be her school water bottle which means no washing straws for me and easy and simple to clean each day. I am still figuring out what to pack for lunches if you have any ideas click HERE and comment on my “School Lunches” post.

Hope you all had a happy week too! See you back here on Monday!


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