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Last year Miss Charlie only went to kindergarten until 12pm. So I did not need to make her a lunch for school and only had to pack a morning snack for her. I absolutely loved this and having her home early for the day was great. Now this year she is at school until 3pm except for on Friday. On Friday’s all of the kids get out at 12pm. #woot

They do have a hot lunch program that I feel I will use periodically but for the most part I will be packing her a lunch. Now we are the kind of people who never have ziplock bags and when we run out of things like tin foil and cling wrap I forget to pick it up for a month. So I knew I needed reusable products so that I would always have something to put her lunch or snacks in. I found small containers that would not take up much space in her lunch box but be perfect for snacks.

I then came across the “yumbox” this is a bento style container with compartments. The compartments are labeled with food groups and you just fill it up. This was my kind of lunch making. I can fill this up with carrot sticks, yogurt, berries, etc for Miss Charlie. I’m in for whatever makes this thing called lunch making easier. Pinterest is also full of ideas for filling these bento style containers up. However, I won’t be making her food into animals or with faces. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

For a lunch box I wanted something sleek that would not take up a ton of room in her bag. I found one at Winners where there were a ton to choose from but they also sell this brand at Indigo.

If you have any great lunch ideas please comment below. I need all the lunch ideas over here I can get. Do you do a hot lunch program for your kids, make sandwiches everyday? What do they like to eat?

One thought on “School Lunches

  1. Mini grilled cheese with tomato soup

    Mini meatballs with bow tie pasta

    Guacamole with tortilla chips

    Pizza Rolls and mini tater tots

    Mini corn dogs

    Pigs in a blanket

    Mini egg rolls

    Soft pretzels bites with stuffed cheese

    Vegetarian sushi

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