Time off

I finally took some well deserved time off this past week and didn’t work or pick up any shifts and it was needed! I organized and cleaned well as much as you can do with a two kiddos and a puppy, haha and of course went swimming and relaxed a bit too.

Java spent her weekend learning to play fetch and she went on her first big walk on the trails across the street from our home. She has lots of energy and loves to run but I think we have been pretty good with tiring her out because she is also pretty lazy and loves to curl up and cuddle.

The little hike we went on takes about an hour especially with Mr Simon in tow. I thought by the end I might have to carry Java but she did great. We took a couple of small breaks on the trail too. We arrived back from our walk ate lunch and then Jordan surprised me by showing up at home and with Starbucks. He took a half day on Friday and it was exactly what I needed. A wonderful way to start our weekend.

I spent a lot of time with Miss Charlie this weekend. Mr Simon had a sick spell so Daddy was happy to stay home and watch Paw Patrol with him. Miss Charlie and I headed shopping to pick up the rest of her school supplies. I am so late in getting her finished and ready for this year. Let me tell you it is so much better when you finish early and can just not think about it. My only thing left to do is to have three of her new tops embroidered with the school logo. I have not been in a rush because they are long sleeve and she has a few short sleeve from last year so she does not need them for the first day of school. Hence the reason they are still not done. #procrastination

My brother was down for a visit this weekend and cooked us all supper on Sunday. It was delicious and he even let Miss Charlie help. I love a good meal that I don’t have to prepare, haha.

Other than that Jordan and I enjoyed our evenings together watching “Outlander” on Netflix. I love the story line and have heard the books are even better however there are some pretty hot and heavy scenes we have had to fast forward. Sometimes these writers just take it WAY too far. On Saturday evening I picked us up “Big Macs” and “Mcflurries” and we had a little date night. I know we are pretty classy! The weekend is over and now I need to conquer MONDAY…ugh. #help



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