Almost Here

Where has the time gone!? I was suppose to read 5 books this summer. Miss Charlie and I were going to work on her reading words each day. Mr Simon was going to be completely potty trained. So many projects were lined up to get done. Just like that we have just over a week left of summer.

I failed at getting a lot of the goals I wanted finished for the summer. I worked more than I wanted to, we have not yet been camping, and my house looked like a war zone most of the time. We had an excellent time though and we did a lot. Most importantly we spent time together. Time as a family and time as a couple. We went through loss with the death our dog Billy Jean and then change and joy when we adopted a new puppy. In just a couple of summer months we grew and I believe we grew together.

Just goes to show you don’t need to reach all(or any) of your goals to have a great summer. Now I anxiously await my first pumpkin spice latte so I can declare it fall!

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