5 Things that make me Happy

I have so many things to get done today mostly errands and grocery shopping but I am exhausted just thinking about it. So instead let’s focus on the things that made me happy this week!

Number One:

I love Wok Box it is my favourite place to eat. It is basically an asian fast food joint with stir fry bowls. I love it though which made me super happy when they reposted my picture on Instagram. One of my friends even won a $25 gift card on the post with my picture so she took me out. As usual it was delicious! If you have not yet tried out this joint I urge you to.

Number Two:

Speaking  of friends we had a spontaneous girls night on Tuesday evening and it was great. Well any night that ends with Starbucks is great in my mind. Everyone gets so busy as we get closer to school so it was nice to get a night out before we all get back into the school routine.

Number Three:

It is no secret that I am super excited about this lunch box. It arrived this week from Indigo and I guess I ordered it just in time because they are either sold out or on reorder right now. It is called a “Yumbox” and it is not a new product it has been around for a while. New to me though since this year I will be sending Miss Charlie with a school lunch as she will be at school until 3pm. I wanted to make packing and her eating lunches easy and this looked easy.

Number Four:

Guys, hellofresh has been so good this week! The meal I enjoyed the most I don’t even have a picture of because I ate it up so fast. It was Salmon Tacos!!! The week back to school would be the perfect week to get this box and have a three suppers taken care of. I know that is my plan! Use code hollyan for a percentage off your first box or DM me and I will send you a link!

Number Five:

When your friend gets a new van with a DVD player in it to use for the night you go for a drive. This is an option I wanted in our van and it has the slots for it but sadly no DVD player. So when my friend said she was headed my way I grabbed a dvd and carseats and away we went. Yes this is doing #momlife.

It was a great week and I cannot believe we have one more week of summer left!!! I am unsure if I should pack it full of fun or do NOTHING, haha. Have a great weekend.

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