Labor Day Long Weekend

A vacation should be easy and relaxing but often it is not. There is a lot of driving, cranky kids that are always hungry, and you end up spending way more money than you wanted to by the end of it. So when we were invited to accompany my Sister and her family to a friends cottage after very little thought we were all in!

Jordan and I wanted a fun but also relaxing last weekend before our busy season starts. We got all of that and more. With a quick 45 minute drive we were in St. George, NB on the Canal fishing, relaxing, and of course I did some reading.

We will never go hungry because these kids can FISH! I tried once and it wasn’t a huge fan but I was happy to drink my latte and watch. The kids and the men did lots of fishing and caught pickerel and bass. It was VERY exciting when someone got one.

The men even went out in the kayaks fishing along the canal. Us girls did too but our kayaking looked very different. We stopped at shorelines and looked for great spots for pictures. We also freaked out each time a speed boat went by and at one point a wave filled my entire kayak with water.

Just across from our entrance to the water was a little sandy beach where someone had added a hammock over the water. Of course we had to go over and try it out. I have to say it was a pretty genius idea and totally relaxing and nice to swing over the water.

We spent our afternoons at the beach on Lake Utopia. It was a great spot. The kids loved playing in the sand and riding the waves. The adults enjoyed basking in the sun. I did get in the water and swim though and it was surprisingly warm.

Evenings are for campfires. We roasted marshmallows and made s’mores. After the kids went to bed we played boardgames and ate a ton of junk food.

The sweetest part of the trip though was the dogs. Before we went away for the weekend we did a little meet and greet with them. When we got to the cottage they were happy to see one another. The played, hung out, and fell asleep together. The were not rough and didn’t bark just both easy going and became quick pals. It was adorable to watch.

We had a wonderful weekend. We returned last evening just before 8pm with two sleeping kids and a very tired pup. We managed to get both kids in their beds without waking either of them. Today we are cleaning inside and out and finishing the laundry. Miss Charlie does not start school until Wednesday so we still have one more day of relaxation. #woot

Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!

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