First Day of School 2018

Well it finally came and went. School has officially begun and all the Mom’s say “Hooray!”

School is bittersweet, I love having Miss Charlie home with me but she was ready to go back and so was I. Back to routine. Java had no idea what this school thing was and my guess is that she is not a fan seeing how it takes her favourite human out of the house for most of the day. I am going to try to bring her for drop off most days. Today was her first and she sat in the passengers seat very well. When Miss Charlie said goodbye and gave her kisses she was fine with that. Then she caught sight of Miss Charlie walking into the school and let out 1 bark and looked at me. I could see some panic so I gently told her to lay down and she did. As soon as we got home though she went to Miss Charlie’s room and brought me her Pj top.

Miss Charlie did great on her first day. Staying until 3pm was a big change for her. Last year she got out at 12pm. I expected her to be exhausted upon pick up but she was full energy. Since it was a hot day I took her to Grandma’s for a swim in the pool. By 7pm last evening she was fast asleep.

She has a new classroom and the change was exciting for her. We did not do school work at all over the summer we took the break and I am glad we did. On her first evening home I wanted to get her into the homwork routine so we did a few sight words and practiced her Bible verse. This kid loves homework and was begging for more. #idontrelate

Mr Simon arrived at the first day of school and found his seat immediately. He sat down and was ready. He was completely unaware that 2 year olds do not go to school. Last year he dropped his sister off with Mom but this year he was sure it was his year. He did not understand what diapers had to do with school when I explained to him that you have to go on the potty before you can come to school. He brought one in his backpack and a package of wipes. He was sure with a wink, wink, nudge, nudge he could get that nice teacher lady to change it for him if and when needed.

So as I headed to our van in the parking lot I appeared to be abducting a small child with a backpack on from school. It is now the second day of school and this morning we just let Miss Charlie out in the carline. Mr Simon is happily now home snuggled in and watching “Paw Patrol” on Netflix. Potty training begins on Monday!



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