Java Update

Hello all my dog lovers! I really thought after Billy Jean passed away that I would just be done with animals. I am so so glad that I changed my mind! Dogs bring so much joy to life. Spoiler alert we are ALL loving Java. Java is a maltipoo bordercollie mix. I know right now everyone is all about the purebreds and finding the perfect breed but I really think just being open to what is out there is key. The reason I picked Java was not her breed it  was her price. I almost had a heart attack when I went online to look for a dog. They are so expensive.

Java fits into our family so well. She is ALL puppy. She barks at her own shadow, chews anything she can get those baby teeth on, and she has a ton of energy. I have to say though(knock on wood) she has not ruined any of our stuff so far. This time around I am home for the most part and if I am not Jordan is. Java is also kennel trained so at night and if we are going out she goes into her kennel. This saves our stuff but also gives her a safe place to call her own.

Java has lots of puppy naps. When she starts going after the kids toys to chew I know it is time to get her outside and burn some energy. So I will take her out for a walk and as soon as we come back she passes out.This time around I have only used positive reinforcement with her. For instance if she takes a stuffie of the kids I gently say no take it away and replace it with one of her toys. She loves dog toys which is super cute.

Each morning Java comes with us to drop Miss Charlie off at school. Miss Charlie is her favourite human although now that school has started she has taken to Mr Simon a lot more. I have trained her to sit in the front passenger seat. When Miss Charlie gets out she gives one whine before we head home.

Right now Java can sit, stay, and lay down. She has been pretty easy to train. We are still working on fetch. I have been walking her around our property without a leash and training her to stay with me. She does well but is also still easily distracted. She is very hyper when we have visitors and it has been a challenge to teach her not to jump up. We are working on it though. So far she has not shed a single hair. I have never found hair on my clothes or floor. Her hair is coarse and he ears are super soft.

Java is a complete delight to have in our home. Puppies though are a big job. I think the reason it has gone so well is that I am home with her all of the time. I haven’t left her alone for more than three hours since getting her. She is content too in knowing that I am always here. I am loving her snuggles. She is a very affectionate dog Miss Charlie calls her the “kissy monster”. Jordan and I think she is like owning a real live muppet, haha.


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