Not as Planned

Cheers to the Mama’s out there surviving the second full week of school! This post is titled “Not as Planned” because our weekend definitely did not go as we originally planned. I had big plans of a camping trip which included fall hikes and a full turkey dinner at the campsite. I was super excited for this but last week was insane for us all and it ended with not being able to get the lights on our trailer working and a kid melting down after a long first full week of school.

This could have put a negative tone on our entire weekend but instead we decided it just wasn’t meant to be. Parked the trailer and that was that. I then decided if we were going to be home then I wanted to complete a task. That task was painting our kitchen cupboards. I got to work cleaning them out and wiping them down. We then spent the weekend painting. Even the kids painted with us.

Getting anything done with kids around is so hard. We made sure to take lots of breaks to do things with them. Saturday morning we went to a playground and we also visited with the horses next door.

On Sunday after church they had food, games, and bouncy castles as our fall kick off. It was so nice to be out of the house. I mean it looked like hurricane Florence had happened in my home. It was insanely messy. We enjoyed taking a break and having fun with friends.

Our weekend did not go as planned but we still managed to have a great one and get a major project finished!

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