Painter’s Paradise

Let’s talk about PAINT. I have a love hate relationship with painting. I hate the mess it can make and the time it takes But and this is a HUGE BUT everything looks so MUCH better with a fresh coat of paint. I have been on a bit of a painting “roll” ┬álately. I want my house to be brighter and to all blend together.

I love coloured kitchen cabinets but I was 100% over my green country looking ones. When we were picking colors and designing this house I went with a country look and feel. It seemed right when most of my furniture was passed down or antiques. Through the years I have realized I love a touch of modern and have added to this space. I am not sure what you would call my decor style besides “a little bit of everything”.

I have been wanting to paint the door to our basement for a while now. It is in the kitchen all by itself and it is the perfect door to add a pop of color to. The door knob is original to the 100 year old house we renovated to make our own and I just love that.

Remember my navy bathroom!? Well the paint I used on the door in the kitchen is the same color. It is by SICO and is called “black denim”. This same color is also on the back wall in the loft. I am having a real navy moment over here.

A can of paint can really change a space and I cannot wait to continue on throughout the rest of our home. Our kitchen also needs new light fixtures and curtains. I am in no rush though getting your space they way you want it takes time. What are you painting these days? What are your favourite colors?


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