5 Things that make me Happy

To all of my Canadian friends Happy Thanksgiving long weekend!!! Sadly I will be at work this weekend BUT thankfully I have Monday off. So we will be having a small feast here as a family of four. I just purchased some turkey thighs for the slow cooker so I didn’t have to deal with cooking an entire turkey meal on our one day as a family. I will not be on here on Monday as I will be enjoying the day with them and hopefully weather depending fitting in the perfect fall hike! Now onto the happy for this week:

Number One:

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family last Saturday due to work schedules and vacations. We ate a great turkey meal, took lots of pictures, and enjoyed turkey coma naps after. It was perfect. Sometimes you have to get above the table to get the perfect picture and yes I have done this in public, haha.

Number Two:

Hair cut day! Mr Simon was way over due for a haircut and I suggested it be done outside. He is watching a show on my laptop because that is the only way folks. I love that Jordan cuts Mr Simon’s hair. Not only does it save us money but also the manly bonding, haha.

Number Three:

My cupboards they are FINALLY done. You know the feeling when you finish that project that you have been talking about doing for over a year…ahhh. I am so happy we plugged away and got these cupboards painted. The space is so much brighter and I love them. There is still more to do in this part of the house but this is a great start. #woot

Number Four:

My basement door. I had no idea how this would look painted I just knew I wanted to do it and I am so happy I did. I absolutely love the look it gives in our little kitchen. Guys, this is a game changer and it so so so simple and easy to do! I love a pop color door!

Number Five:

Being a Mom is hard! Can I get an “amen”? These two have been just so sweet lately though. One of my favourite times is Friday afternoons. Miss Charlie gets out of school at 12pm and the three of us spend the afternoon together or with friends. These two are my world and are worth all the hard work!

That is all for this week of happy. Enjoy your long weekend!


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