July 2019

Hello Summer of 2019 I thought you would never arrive! Summer is FINALLY here and as I layed in my bed the morning of July 1st about to click on my instagram icon and lazily scroll through the highlight reel I had a thought…”what if I didn’t!?”

I then held down on the app until that little “x” appeared and I deleted it! I love my highlight reel and my instastories but a break from the scrolling I desperately needed. More and more people are taking breaks from social media and I have always heard positive feedback. The summer before Mr Simon was born I took the entire summer off from social media and loved it. If the first thing you do when you wake up is scroll then I highly suggest a break! My break will be for the month of July for now and after that I’ll decide if I want to go back. For now though I wanted to get back to this…blogging!

For those of you following my running journey to 5k on my instastories I am happy to inform you that I am still running 3x a week. I have yet to make it to 5k BUT I ran for 30 minutes this morning and felt great!

I plan on spending my summer making memories with the kids, running, eating better, and reading more. We also got rid of our NETFLIX! Yes, I might be crazy and we will definitely get it back for the Winter but as a child that grew up without TV I know it can be done. It has not been long but so far we are surviving and finding other ways to keep busy even on the rainy days.

Basically colouring and legos are saving my life right now, haha! If you have any great rainy day ideas for kids send them my way. Preferably things we can do right at home.

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