Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezie

This photo does not describe our weekend very well. Sunday afternoon we took a walk around our property and took some photos. A more honest photo would have been the two of us lounged out on the couch after the kids were in bed watching the Season 7 of “The Walking Dead” on Netflix. Hence the title of this post. This was the first weekend we have not had something on the calendar in a VERY long time. Jordan and I have been two passing ships lately always busy or with kids so taking advantage of the evenings this weekend to just spend some time relaxing together was needed. Read More

5 Things that make me Happy

Being a short week, this week flew by. I cannot believe we are nearing the middle of October! Thanksgiving is now in the past and we are now looking forward to the next holiday! Have you picked up your Halloween costumes yet? I picked up the kids’ last month because there is nothing worse than going on the hunt for a certain size a day before Halloween. We are also gearing up for Mr Simon’s birthday. He turns 2 towards the end of the month and we have some major fun planned for him and his bestie who also just turned 2. Lots to look forward to and celebrate ahead; I just love this time of year. Now on with this week’s happy! Read More

Happy Thanksgiving 2017

Happy Thanksgiving Monday! Today I am so thankful for all of you who have come to my blog now for over a year and read my ramblings of life here at the Hopkin’s House! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend with family and friends. We made the most of our weekend but were VERY busy between work schedules and meetings. Right now I am headed to bed after working all night after a slice of pumpkin pie of course! I am taking today off from blogging but will be back to tell you all about our weekend on Wednesday! See you then! Read More

5 Things that make me Happy

It is Turkey Weekend!!! We are a bit busy this weekend between work schedules and meetings so I am making a very simple turkey dinner for just our family. We are busy ALL day Saturday so I plan to put a turkey leg and stuffing in the slow cooker and come home and whip up the sides to go with. Monday will be pj day here we are going to be taking it pretty easy. looking forward to it. Now on to the happy from this week: Read More

Happier at Home : September

This school year I am reading Happier at Home a chapter per month and blogging about each chapter when I am finished. For the month of September I read Chapter One on Possessions. I will admit I was a little afraid of this first chapter I pictured Gretchen Rubin telling me to simplify my life by getting rid of everything I didn’t need. It seems like every book on the shelf lately is telling us less is more. Spoiler alert: she did not say that! Read More

Hello October

Am I wrong in saying September flew by? I am super excited for Miss Charlie’s first long weekend. She also has two days off towards the end of October which I have made sure I am not working for. It is only a half days that she goes for but I miss my girl! I can already feel this school year is going to go by fast. I have heard it a million times from parents of older children but experiencing it for myself is another thing. Being a Mom is really truly special it is like have permanent front row seats to your favourite play or musical(in Miss Charlie’s case). Read More

5 Things that make me Happy!

I have been suffering with a terrible cough for the past month and I have not slowed down a bit and yes it has caught up with me! So I am taking a breather and have a very slow relaxing weekend planned…did you hear that kids? Someone asked me the other day if I had a respiratory disease so I thought it was time to get to the doctors and get checked out. Okay let’s be even more real: Miss Charlie now has the cough so I am taking her to the doctors and may as well get checked out while I am there too. Not sure if I’d be going if she wasn’t hacking and coughing now too because my Mom needs always come last and well maybe because a night out with the girls, Starbucks, and just about anything sounded more fun than a trip to see the doctor. I am slapping my own hand right now because now I am totally run down. Take a lesson from me guys, take care of yourself it is always WAY worse when you don’t! Now on to all the positive: Read More


Today’s society not only requires us to be homemakers, good lovers, have ambitious careers, and be awesome DIY parents but it now also wants us to now have a “side hustle” that makes us extra money! It is a tad exhausting to even think about. We all enter the race, scope out the competition(on social media of course), and none of us make it to the finish line. None. Of. Us. Read More

Just Friends

At the end of last week my bestie from PEI took vacation from work and came to visit us! I must have said to her thirty times “are you SURE you want to use your vacation days on us!?” She assured me she did even though Jordan would be working so we would not get as much one on one time together. She was incredible! Patient and so very kind to both of the kids. She even sang Miss Charlie to sleep each night. It was pretty much like having Mary Poppins come to visit. Read More