The Snooze Alarm

Remember that thing called the “Snooze Alarm”? Every single time I hear someone’s struggle with pressing it, I laugh. There is no snooze alarm when kids are waking you up first thing in the morning. I often wake up to “Is it time yet?” which I then respond “is it still dark out?” without even opening my eyes. After this week so far I could really use a life with a little a lot more sleep. The kids have been their normal active busy selves but this Mama has just been extra tired. In the evenings we have walked to our neighbors in an effort to tire them out both earlier. Miss Charlie asked if she could take a picture of me at our neighbor’s fence, mostly because I usually ask to take a picture of her there, and I just thought it was too cute. She is really into copying everything I do lately which means I need to be on my best behaviour. Read More

Book Nerd Part 3

Make time for the things you love, because I believe that will bring you true happiness. When it comes to reading people often tell me “I don’t have time” and I am answer them by saying “same, but I make time”. I don’t think everyone loves reading and it shows BUT if you do love reading then put down that smartphone and pick up a book! I get the majority of my reading in at times when others would normally be scrolling through their phone. At times I may only get to read two or three pages but I fit in when I can and right now I am reading my 16th book this year! Follow me on my Goodreads account if you want to read along with me. Here is an overview of the books I have read recently: Read More

5 Things that make me Happy

The evenings have been so gorgeous here this week. I have been enjoying my walks and getting some fresh air before bed has made me sleep so much better. With all of our activities finally finished for the summer,search this week has been much easier and much lazier. With nothing to get up and go to I have had a hard time getting myself up and ready for the day but that is a good thing! Now on with the “HAPPY”: Read More

The “Unplanned” Weekend

This past long weekend rolled around after a very busy month of July. In this past month Miss Charlie accomplished 4 weeks of swim lessons, that means getting her there in the early morning hours five days of the week. #yawn  She also finished soccer which this year was two nights a week in the evenings. Jordan went on his 5 day hike on the Fundy Footpath and we took our family on a camping weekend with friends to Hartt Island Camping Resort. Sprinkle in Jordan’s full time work schedule and my part time schedule and you have one very busy month and a messy cluttered house that had not quite recovered. Jordan worked the long weekend so we did not make any plans. Read More

Beaded Bracelets DIY

A long long long time ago I was a little girl that went to camp. One of my fondest camp memories was sitting around and making bracelets with the other campers. For the rest of the summer you would wear that bracelet. It even made it as far as the first week of school in the fall. Then it would go missing and never be found or thought of again until the next summer when I headed back to camp and a new bracelet would be born. So when beaded bracelets popped up on my instagram feed last week I knew I had to get my hands on some beads. Read More

Friend Vacay Summer 2017

When a friend suggests family vacation together, just say “YES!” Especially when it is not far away and when it is camping! In the spring all three of us booked campsites side by side at Hart Island RV Resort in Fredericton about an hour and twenty minutes away. At the time we booked I had not yet been camping in our trailer and it was not even renovated. To say I was a little nervous was an understatement. I also had no idea what was in store for that weekend or how all three families would mesh together. I put aside all my nervous feelings and am so glad I did because we just had the best weekend away! Read More

5 Things that make me Happy

I am very happy today because we are camping this weekend! This time we are going with friends and I am so excited for all the fun we are going to have! Writing this post each week has been super easy this summer. Each day has been filled to the brim with activities and fun. I won’t keep you waiting let’s get on to the HAPPY! Read More

Hello Fresh

Yesterday I received something really awesome in the mail that I just had to share with you! My first ever Hello Fresh box! I have been dying to try out this box since seeing it ALL over social media. My bestie started receiving them and was able to send me a FREE box. I signed up excitedly. A Hello Fresh box is a box subscription filled with 3 meals. These meals include all your ingredients and the recipes to make them. Read More