Next Chapter

Just like that and we are on to the next chapter over here at Hopkins House! Jordan applied for a Monday through Friday day job in a different department of his work a couple of months ago and last week we found out he got it. I am so VERY proud of him. We have both worked shift work since shortly after we married, 10years ago, so this is a BIG change for us and our family. For the last five years(since having Miss Charlie) I had been working only night shifts but in my new current position it is only days or evening shifts. Now neither of us will be working nights and we both suspect that we will start looking MUCH younger, haha. Read More

Happy Love Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. We love to celebrate over here and a day about love is worth celebrating to me! On holidays I always do up our table the night before and have it ready for a special breakfast. I have been doing this before Pinterest, instagram, blogging, and even kids. Holidays have always been a big deal in my family growing up and I love keeping this tradition alive. Now please know our “special” breakfast is waffles, with fresh raspberries, and whip cream. I keep it pretty simple but the kids love it. It is fun to make things extra special for them. Read More

Sunday Funday

Our weekend was pretty lame. I worked on Saturday for a shift I got called in for at 5am Saturday morning so that was unexpected. When I got back home I was exhausted. I took turns snuggling with the kids and basically took it easy for the rest of the day and then went to bed super early that night. I told you…lame! So by the time the kids got up from their afternoon naps late Sunday afternoon we decided to ruin our supper and have some FUN! Read More

5 Things that make me Happy

This week was great because I was shown so much love!!! I just felt loved on all week long so my February is pretty great so far. So much made me happy this week like an impromptu lunch with a friend, latte upon latte from Second Cup, and a stellar report card brought home by Miss Charlie. It is often times very hard for me to pick only 5 things but that is a great problem to have! Here we go: Read More

Happier at Home January

I am back today with my January chapter of “Happier at Home” by Gretchen Rubin. This chapter was all about “time”. It was fitting seeing how I ran around the entire month of January like a crazy person doing too much or absolutely nothing at all. There was no in between for that entire month. I look back now and see that I spent a lot of energy stressing about things that were out of my control which left me deflated. I watched a ton a Netflix shows, renovated and organized in the house. I did not use my time very wisely and often found myself frustrated with the housework that needed to be done. I would get so upset I would end up doing nothing. I am happy to find out I am not the only one as Gretchen says in the book: Read More

Unexpected Long Weekend

We just had the BEST long weekend! We ended up with a snow day on Friday. We woke up to rain though so it was very unexpected for Miss Charlie to have the day off. Jordan was off too so we got up together and had a nice family breakfast to start the day. We then called Grandma and she agreed to take the kids for the morning so we could go out. We did not do anything fancy but we got some much needed errands done. By the time we headed back to pick up the kids the snow had started. Read More

Snow Today…Gone Tomorrow

Raise your hand if you are super confused by the weather lately. Last week I went out with a vest on instead of a jacket because it was so warm out. On the weekend we enjoyed walking around my parents property where not a spec of snow could be found. It was warmer weather than some Easter’s we have had in these parts! Yesterday though,  snow blows in with steady wind and flakes. Read More

Life Lately

I am so sad the weekend is over it was such a good one!!! My Friday night began with all this delicious food and plenty of girl talk. Miss Charlie had a movie night put on by her school so I dropped her off and a few of us Mom’s got together. It was great to get out, chat, and eat of course! When I picked Miss Charlie up from her movie she told me I missed all the fun…haha…yup, guess I did or had my own fun! Saturday was not my day. I had plans to hit Costco but we got all the way there and I could not go in. The parking lot was insane and I just could not take on the crowds. I picked myself up a latte and the kids up lunch and headed home. It felt like I wasted the day but in reality I think I needed a down day. Read More