Vacation without the KIDS

Well folks we are about to embark on our first ever vacation without our kids!!! I have so many feelings right now. Like how will my kids breath, walk, and talk without me in the room. #helicopterparent. Truth be told we have only ever stayed a total of two nights away from them. So this is a BIG deal but it is so needed. Read More

Soccer Saturday

It was a busy weekend for Moi. I worked on Saturday and Sunday and it is always a juggle to still spend family time when I am working. Now that Jordan is only off on the weekends it is the only time we have to get some real quality family time in. On Saturday, Jordan picked me up from work with Second Cup Iced lattes and timbits and we headed to the park. These days my kids are all about soccer. Miss Charlie just started her 3rd year of Soccer for the summer. We now take her twice a week until August. It is a commitment but we really all enjoy it, even Mr Simon who plays on the sidelines. We also now have quite a group of friends to hang out with while we are there. Read More

5 Things that make me Happy

What a great week and I am so excited to share with you what has been making me HAPPY!!!

Number One:

Miss Charlie had the sweetest little book fair at her school last week. Each child got to pick a book to make a book project on. I loved the book Miss Charlie picked out so cute and so her! All the parents got to come and view the book projects as the children proudly stood in front of their project. It was really fun to see her at school and in her element. All the kids did a great job. Read More

Last Days of School

Her first year of school is coming to a close! I am in shock. I cannot believe how fast this year went by. My little girl has grown so much this year. It has been so fun to watch. After much thought and debate we chose for Miss Charlie to attend Kindergarten at a private Christian school. We came to this decision after much prayer and thought. It turns out it was a great decision. We are so happy with all the love and care she got from the staff at her school this year. Read More

I’m Back!

I am BACK!!! Wow, I wish I had a really good reason for not blogging the last couple of weeks but I just don’t. Basically, life got in the way. My family will ALWAYS come first and not being on here meant I was spending my free time with them. Over the last month I have been working 70+ hours every two weeks and that has taught me a lot. The number one thing it has taught me is that I do not want to be working full time outside the home. It is not for me. To you Mama’s that are doing that I am over here doing a slow clap in complete admiration. This  Girl though cannot do it all. I like to think that I am organized but I have spent the last month a hott mess not knowing if I am coming or going and the suppers my kids have eaten…okay lets not go there. I am happy to say we are all alive. I am still in a temporary part-time position at work but last week I made the big decision to say “NO” to any extra work. See a lot of the extra I was working was when Jordan got home from work at 4:30pm and on the weekends when he was home. I gave up some prime family time. The extra cash was not worth it and is already spent…on Matilda Jane…haha. Read More

5 Things that make me Happy

It has been a great week over here and I hope that you all feel the same. Happy Friday!!! Now onto my Five things:

Number One:

How cute is this Dude on the potty. No, he is not potty trained. We are just starting and I have to say he is not very interested at the moment so I am not stressing about it. He won’t start school in a diaper, haha. #secondchild Read More

Fun in Matilda Jane

It is no secret that I am loving the clothing brand “Matilda Jane.” My first order from them was through the Zulily site. On their site you have hours and sometimes days to shop a brand and then it disappears. It takes a lot of fast thinking and buying to get the clothes and sizes that you want. I will admit it is exhilarating. My order came in pretty fast and I was super happy with what I items I purchased. Read More

5 Things that make me Happy

I hope you all had a great week! It has been a wet one over here with a lot of flooding in and around our area. Thankfully we are up high and have stayed dry at our house but the entire province is dealing with a lot of water right now. Praying for some sunny hot days over here to dry all that water up! Read More

Tea Time

As a child I grew up having many tea parties. My Mom would let my friends and I use china tea cups and we wore fancy dresses and hats too. We drank herbal tea and I remember feeling so sophisticated. When I had my own little girl I remember thinking that I could not wait to have tea parties with her. Life is busy for all though and I completely forgot that I wanted to make this happen until the most inconvenient  time that worked for no one. Yesterday however, I found out Miss Charlie’s BFF and her Cousin were coming over to play and immediately I thought “TEA PARTY!” Read More