Happier at Home January

I am back today with my January chapter of “Happier at Home” by Gretchen Rubin. This chapter was all about “time”. It was fitting seeing how I ran around the entire month of January like a crazy person doing too much or absolutely nothing at all. There was no in between for that entire month. I look back now and see that I spent a lot of energy stressing about things that were out of my control which left me deflated. I watched a ton a Netflix shows, renovated and organized in the house. I did not use my time very wisely and often found myself frustrated with the housework that needed to be done. I would get so upset I would end up doing nothing. I am happy to find out I am not the only one as Gretchen says in the book: Read More

Happier at Home: Parenthood

As you know this year I am working on this book “Happier at Home” by Gretchen Rubin. I have been doing a chapter/month and November’s Chapter 3 is on “Parenthood”! Being a Mom of two this was a great chapter for me to read. Obviously I want minshouse.ca/y children to be happy and grow up in a happy home. Who doesn’t want that? When my kids are happy I am happy and vice versa. Read More

Happier at Home: October

Oh sigh, so picture perfect cute! Ugh…so not the case! Lately I have been a less than a stellar wife. Gosh what this man puts up with, haha! I have been putting off writing this post because October was truly sucky wife month for me! What can I say? Every dog has it’s…month!?  I was late in the month finishing this chapter and I definitely needed it much earlier. Read More

Forever Friends

It is no secret that I love my podcasts. If you do not listen to podcasts please, please, please try one today!!! I listen to them when I’m driving, doing chores around the house, and even in the shower. Jordan and I both are podcast fans. There are so many great ones out there and I find it way more enjoyable then tunes…unless it is Christmas tunes, haha. One of my favorite bloggers and author started a podcast recently and guys she has so much goodness to share! It is Stephanie May Wilson. Read More

Happier at Home : September

This school year I am reading Happier at Home a chapter per month and blogging about each chapter when I am finished. For the month of September I read Chapter One on Possessions. I will admit I was a little afraid of this first chapter I pictured Gretchen Rubin telling me to simplify my life by getting rid of everything I didn’t need. It seems like every book on the shelf lately is telling us less is more. Spoiler alert: she did not say that! Read More

FALL Goals

This will be the first year our family has ever followed a school schedule. With Miss Charlie going into kindergarten, we lose out in the freedom to just go and do as we please. Remember, last fall we went on a Family Vacay to PEI while everyone else headed back to school. Since my Hubby works shift work and I all night shifts we have not ever followed much of a daily schedule as it is always changing day to day. School is a great way to get on schedule though and I have been thinking up lots of goals for my “new” year. Gretchen Rubin has often said on her podcast: “Happier” that September in a lot of ways is like January in that you are beginning a new year. Now that Miss Charlie is off to school, this really rang true to me this year. So hear are some goals I have for myself for our “new” year this Fall: Read More

Book Nerd Part 3

Make time for the things you love, because I believe that will bring you true happiness. When it comes to reading people often tell me “I don’t have time” and I am answer them by saying “same, but I make time”. I don’t think everyone loves reading and it shows BUT if you do love reading then put down that smartphone and pick up a book! I get the majority of my reading in at times when others would normally be scrolling through their phone. At times I may only get to read two or three pages but I fit in when I can and right now I am reading my 16th book this year! Follow me on my Goodreads account if you want to read along with me. Here is an overview of the books I have read recently: Read More

Book Nerd 2017 Part 2

I am fully aware that not everyone gets this excited about my book reviews, but I am and that is what counts, right!? I am happily patting myself on the back right now because I am halfway through my reading challenge. I have read 8 out of my goal of 16 books so far this year! Do you follow me on goodreads? If not click here. If you do not have an account I highly suggest getting one. Trust me when I say if I have the time to read so do you! #priorities Read More

Book Nerd 2017 part 1

So excited to get my read on this year. I joined the goodreads book challenge again. If you haven’t done this and you have a love for reading you really should! It has made reading more of a priority for me and there is no better feeling than when you accomplish that goal. You can make your goal any number, last year I read 12 books, this year I am aiming for 16! Read More