Library Fun

For the last couple of weeks we have been hitting the library hard. Before that the last time I had taken Miss Charlie to the library was when she was two! At that time we use to borrow movies, books, and go to the story readings. We always went to the city library but at the recommendation of a friend I tried out our local town library. It is fantastic. Read More

Reading Challenge Complete!

I did it!!! I challenged myself to read 12 books in 2016 and I was so happy when I got this alert!!! Follow me on goodreads. I started a new challenge for 2017…16 books this year! I love to read but over the years with small children, I have constantly used the excuse that I did not have time; then I started making the time. Instead of waiting for a free hour to turn up I would read when I had 5 minutes. Before I knew it I was finishing books & buying new ones. With a quick google search I found out reading can prevent/slow the process of Alzheimer’s and Dementia, reduce stress, improve your focus, expand your vocabulary and the list goes on. Are you convinced yet? I reviewed my first six books here and now I am going to review the last six books I have read for you. No spoilers, just letting you know how I liked it and if it is worth a read. Click on the titles and it will take you straight to amazon to order your own copy! Read More