Beaded Bracelets DIY

A long long long time ago I was a little girl that went to camp. One of my fondest camp memories was sitting around and making bracelets with the other campers. For the rest of the summer you would wear that bracelet. It even made it as far as the first week of school in the fall. Then it would go missing and never be found or thought of again until the next summer when I headed back to camp and a new bracelet would be born. So when beaded bracelets popped up on my instagram feed last week I knew I had to get my hands on some beads. Read More

DIY Fun Summer Tops

Today I have a VERY simple DIY for you to try! I spotted some super cute cardigans, tees, jeans, jackets, and sweaters plastered with patches on one of my favourite sites, Forever 21, and decided instead of buying why not try to make my own? My Mom will be so proud! First I headed to Old Navy and used my super cash to purchase 1 cardigan and 2 tees for $15 and than I headed to Michaels craft store to browse their iron on patches. Read More