5 Netflix Shows that make me Happy

As you noticed by the title we are switching things up over here a bit. Today I am sharing with you 5 Netflix shows that make me happy!!! We are a little more than obsessed with Netflix over here. I have my shows that I watch alone and Jordan has his and then we have shows we watch together. There are so many great shows but sometimes we just pass them by unsure whether to try them out or not. I mean there is literally so MUCH to choose from! Here we go with 5 shows I have watched recently or am currently watching and enjoying: Read More

A Day at the Museum

This picture sums up our afternoon at the Museum perfectly. Some of us were bored while the history buffs and the ones that like to run were enjoying themselves. The NB museum is free this entire month on Thursdays and Sundays so we decided to check it out this past Sunday with my parents. Museums don’t appeal to all of us but it was great family time spent and I think we all had fun even if some of us were just making fun…I encourage you to go and check it out. Read More

Painting for a Great Cause

When your friend invites you to paint with her your answer should always be: yes! Especially if it is for a great cause like our local Pregnancy Resource Center. They hosted a really fun Canvas & Coffee night. There was coffee with all the fixings and extras. I had sugar free vanilla syrup in mine and topped it with whip cream and cinnamon. There were also plenty of sweets to be eaten. Read More

13 Going on 30

This guy FINALLY turns 30 this week and it could not come soon enough! As you know I turned 31 a couple of weeks ago and all I keep hearing about is how he is in his twenties and I’m in my thirties. Actually, I have been hearing it since I turned 30 last year. I keep telling him you become much wiser when you turn the big 3-0 and how hard it has been on me to be so much wiser than him this past year. I am looking forward to him joining me in the thirties and so I had to plan a night out for us. Read More

Netflix Binge Weekend


My last weekend of being thirty is over with and this week I turn thirty one. I figure that is only 1 foot into my thirties and I am completely okay with it. I celebrated this past weekend with friends and family while also binge watching the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix, so basically my kids had sandwiches for supper two nights in a row. I have been showered with beautiful gifts which has made me feel so good and loved. I am so excited for this week I have plans to get my nails and make up done and a special date night with Jordan. Read More