First Snow

The first snow fall is always so pretty! I never complain about snow in December or January I love it. I love living in an area where the seasons change. My least favourite season is spring because it is usually still snowing or raining and by then I’m ready for sunny warm days. I was very excited to see the snowflakes falling on Saturday evening. I was at work so I had to drive home in it and the roads were terrible. I also was completely unprepared even though I knew it was calling for it. I did not have a scraper in my car and I didn’t even bring a hat or mitts. So at 11pm I was taking snow off my car with my bare hands. The kids were ecstatic when they woke up Sunday morning. They both went out to play in it and we were almost late for church because they were having so much fun(Jordan included) that they didn’t want to come in and get ready. Read More

Happier at Home: Parenthood

As you know this year I am working on this book “Happier at Home” by Gretchen Rubin. I have been doing a chapter/month and November’s Chapter 3 is on “Parenthood”! Being a Mom of two this was a great chapter for me to read. Obviously I want children to be happy and grow up in a happy home. Who doesn’t want that? When my kids are happy I am happy and vice versa. Read More

Holiday Prep

What a wonderful holiday filled weekend! We even got to see the Big Elf himself! November is always the busiest month of the year in our house. Busy in a good way though. We do all of our Christmas prep, shopping and decor in November. I try to be completely finished everything for December first that way I can sit back, relax, and enjoy holidays while also saying yes to all the festivities that come our way. I love being among the bustling crowds in December however I do not like to be IN them racing for that last gift. Read More

Birthday Bash

We partied hard for this little 2 year old. Yes, Mr Simon is officially two! I am sure about now that he thinks life is one big party because we have been non-stop celebrating. It started off with his cousins surprising him on Wednesday afternoon with cake and a “Peppa Pig” party. Mr Simon loves “Peppa Pig” so much. I have never done a character themed birthday but for my little boy, well you should hear him oink! On the day of his birthday he woke up to a “Peppa Pig” pancake breakfast and presents from us. We bought him and Miss Charlie “Peppa Pig” t-shirts and they were them all day. Miss Charlie always says she is “Peppa” and Mr Simon is “George” and quite often she refers to us as “Mama Pig” and “Daddy Pig” and we try not to get offended, haha. Read More

Pumpkin Fever

This year we missed out on apple picking which is usually our favourite fall activity to do together so we decided to have a pumpkin carving family day instead. It was a great afternoon. We headed to Brunswick Nurseries to feed the animals and had plans to pick up our pumpkins there too but sadly they were all gone. Instead, we stopped by Superstore on our way home and I was so excited that they had white pumpkins. Miss Charlie saw my excitement and decided she needed a white pumpkin to carve also. Read More

The Working Mom

My first thought looking at this photo is how could you even consider leaving these sweet beautiful faces during the day. Guys the mom guilt is strong, sigh. When it comes to being a working Mom, I am caught in the middle. I am a working Mom disguised as a stay at home Mom. Let me tell you: both jobs are equally challenging. I understand how hard it is to be home all day long with no one to talk to that is above five years old. I also understand what it is like to leave your kids and head to work even when they are sick with colds and need their Mom. For the last five years I have been a stay at home mom that works part-time night shifts. So while these two cuties are sleeping I am working and they have spent very few hours without me. Friends and Family I love you but you often forget that I work. Trust me when I say it is exhausting being two types of Mom’s but I will admit the controlling side of me loves the fact that I get to be part of it all. Lately, I have been on the hunt for something different. It might be years from now until that takes actually takes place but I have been looking within my field for something during the daytime. Read More

Hello October

Am I wrong in saying September flew by? I am super excited for Miss Charlie’s first long weekend. She also has two days off towards the end of October which I have made sure I am not working for. It is only a half days that she goes for but I miss my girl! I can already feel this school year is going to go by fast. I have heard it a million times from parents of older children but experiencing it for myself is another thing. Being a Mom is really truly special it is like have permanent front row seats to your favourite play or musical(in Miss Charlie’s case). Read More


Today’s society not only requires us to be homemakers, good lovers, have ambitious careers, and be awesome DIY parents but it now also wants us to now have a “side hustle” that makes us extra money! It is a tad exhausting to even think about. We all enter the race, scope out the competition(on social media of course), and none of us make it to the finish line. None. Of. Us. Read More