Fabfitfun Fall 2017

On Friday’s around here I usually do my “5 Things that make me Happy” post but today we are doing things a little bit differently. I received my Fabfitfun Box and could not wait til Monday to post about it. So I am posting about it today and sharing my 5 favourite items from the box. I received my first box one year ago! Guys, I love this box subscription before taking the plunge to join I drooled over boxes every season. Now it is like Christmas morning when it arrives. The box was filled with almost $400(us) of stuff! Here are my top 5 picks: Read More

Fabfitfun Summer 2017 Box

My parents just put a pool in so it was the perfect spot to open my Fabfitfun Summer 2017 Box! I subscribed last Fall and I keep waiting for the “dud” box but it never comes. I have done other box subscriptions and just ended up with a bunch of samples. In the Fabfitfun box ALL of your products are FULL size. The only item that might not be is the sponsored item which is not counted in the dollar add up of the box. This is a seasonal box subscription. The cost is $39.99(us) + $8 shipping to Canada. Click HERE if you want it with a percentage off! So without further ado, here are a few of my favourite products from my box: Read More

DIY Fun Summer Tops

Today I have a VERY simple DIY for you to try! I spotted some super cute cardigans, tees, jeans, jackets, and sweaters plastered with patches on one of my favourite sites, Forever 21, and decided instead of buying why not try to make my own? My Mom will be so proud! First I headed to Old Navy and used my super cash to purchase 1 cardigan and 2 tees for $15 and than I headed to Michaels craft store to browse their iron on patches. Read More

Fabfitfun Spring Box

First things first, if you are looking at this picture and wanting this box click HERE(includes a discount). I kept seeing pictures of the fabfitfun box on pinterest for about six months and then finally caved last Fall. I am so glad I did. I have been happy with all of my boxes but I think this one is my favourite and not surprising it has the biggest retail value of $369!!! Read More

5 Things that Make Me HAPPY

Wow, what a busy week! I am glad this one is behind me. I am ready for everything to calm down. This month has only 28 days in it. I know will go in super fast and then we have March Break, which for us means a week break from some of our extracurricular commitments. Any little break helps though. Am I right!? Among the busy of this week I still managed to find a lot to be happy about. Read More

1 Sweater 3 Ways to Wear

While spending way too much of my time on Pinterest last week I came across a pin with a girl wearing a leopard sweater under a pale pink coat. I loved the look of it! I already owned the pink coat( H&M $40) and I had spotted this leopard sweater at H&M. When I got a chance to go to the mall I headed to H&M and started hunting for it. Finally, I found it towards the front of the store and on sale for $10! As you can imagine I was delighted! Read More

Fabfitfun Winter Box 2016

I was so very excited for this box to arrive! This is my second ever fabfitfun box and I am so enjoying them. A box full of surprises each season was easy to get on board with. To say Jordan has a hard time buying gifts for me is an understatement. I have to give super BIG hints I am a girl who loves surprises though, so this box definitely fills that need. I was very excited about each of the things I received in my box and I picked out a few favourites to share with you! Read More