5 Things that make me Happy


This week has been a hard one; busy and I have a cold that left me voiceless for 2days. I need me some Happy so lets get started!

Number One

Last week a friend and I had a “Mom’s Night Out” and went out for supper. It was great to sit and eat, catch up and chat without kiddo interruptions. After a long day at home with the kids it is sometimes hard to pull myself together and get out, but I am always so glad when I do. Read More

Mom Style


Every morning I wake up, shower, put on my best dress, apply my make up and head to the kitchen to make breakfast. Being perfect is hard but somebody has to do it, am I right!? Okay, Okay let’s get real. This picture is of me trying on my Mom’s dress at her house. She would like me to let you all know that she is almost sixty and I still borrow, wear, and love her clothes. There Mom, I said it, now lets move on. Read More