FALL Goals

This will be the first year our family has ever followed a school schedule. With Miss Charlie going into kindergarten, we lose out in the freedom to just go and do as we please. Remember, last fall we went on a Family Vacay to PEI while everyone else headed back to school. Since my Hubby works shift work and I all night shifts we have not ever followed much of a daily schedule as it is always changing day to day. School is a great way to get on schedule though and I have been thinking up lots of goals for my “new” year. Gretchen Rubin has often said on her podcast: “Happier” that September in a lot of ways is like January in that you are beginning a new year. Now that Miss Charlie is off to school, this really rang true to me this year. So hear are some goals I have for myself for our “new” year this Fall: Read More

A Hip Hop

I have been waiting and waiting to decorate for Easter and then it just kind of snuck up on me. It is now only two weeks away! I kept myself from buying anything new because I remembered packing Easter decor away last year so I must have all kinds right!? Wrong! I only had a couple of things when I went to get it all out yesterday but we made do. I will definitely be heading to Michael’s this week to pick up more! I also need to get fresh tulips because they just scream spring. (hint hint Jordan) Read More

Show me the Love

I trust you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day yesterday! I did not wait to get decor, candy, and presents like some (*cough* Jordan). We were hit with a blizzard on Monday of more than 75cm of snow in the province so there was no going anywhere for those last minute shoppers. Jordan is making up for it by giving me free reign on Sephora though and made me a beautiful hand made card. Read More

Out with the old, in with the new

Each year the week after boxing day I get organised. I do not wait for the new year to come. I get it done, pronto. When we didn’t have any kids this took two days: one day to clean out and get rid of the old, and one day to put away all of our Christmas decor. Now, with both kids it takes a full week. So many new toys! I go through all of the old and broken toys and clothes and throw out or donate. I also use this opportunity to change around rooms, switch up furniture, and clean those spots that keep getting missed. It is a hard and long few days that ends with the Christmas decor being taken down and stored away but when it is finished it is such a great feeling! Read More

Fabfitfun Winter Box 2016

I was so very excited for this box to arrive! This is my second ever fabfitfun box and I am so enjoying them. A box full of surprises each season was easy to get on board with. To say Jordan has a hard time buying gifts for me is an understatement. I have to give super BIG hints I am a girl who loves surprises though, so this box definitely fills that need. I was very excited about each of the things I received in my box and I picked out a few favourites to share with you! Read More

The Busiest Time of the Year


If you follow me on instagram, then you know I am in full decorating mode. Back before I had kids I would have done all my decorating in one night. With children it takes at least a week and a latte a day. I am really enjoying it though. The season has picked up and we are very busy here this week and weekend. It is a good busy though. Mr Simon and I have really enjoyed looking at everything Christmas related in the stores while Miss Charlie is in preschool during the mornings. He is such a great shopping buddy and always encourages me to buy the things I admire. Read More

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!


It is no secret that I love the Christmas Season and for me that starts the day after Rememberance Day. This week I am finishing my decorating. The goal is to do a little each day and then finish off with the tree this weekend. I will also get my Christmas cards ready. I love to send Christmas cards (the real deal). We do not send pictures, although Jordan tries to make that happen each year. I always buy my Christmas cards on sale the year before after Christmas and pack them away with my Christmas decor. Read More