Hello Fresh

Yesterday I received something really awesome in the mail that I just had to share with you! My first ever Hello Fresh box! I have been dying to try out this box since seeing it ALL over social media. My bestie started receiving them and was able to send me a FREE box. I signed up excitedly. A Hello Fresh box is a box subscription filled with 3 meals. These meals include all your ingredients and the recipes to make them. Read More

Every Mom Needs a Wife

I am currently reading Amy Poehler’s book “Yes Please”. In it one of her chapters is called “Every Mother needs a Wife”. She says “every mother needs a wife who takes care of her and helps her become a better Mother”. I am so blessed to have many “wives” in my life and Brittany is definitely one of them. She understands what it means to not be “on” all the time and I could confess my worst Mom moments and I know she would answer ” you are such a great Mom, Holly”. Which is exactly what I need to hear. The “mom guilt” force is strong and as Moms, we all need someone to tell us it’s okay when we just fed our kids Kraft dinner for the third night in row because we just couldn’t adult by 5pm. Read More

Get Your Shop On!

You know that feeling when you realize the only possible timthoughthoughe to get groceries is a Saturday with both kids in tow!? I knew my ONLY chance at making it through this alive was: A) go early in the morning before the stores get busy, B) stop for a latte, and C) promise the kids a good behaviour treat. So Saturday morning I jumped out of bed and got ready and we headed out right after breakfast. I knew it was going to be a good day when Starbucnks offered me a free Raspberry Lemon Loaf with my latte. We shopped at Walmart and Costco and the kids were excellent so as promised I took them to the Grand Opening of the “Mastermind Toys” store. Read More

Soccer Mom

This weekend Miss Charlie had her Soccer “Mini Fest” where the younger kids play soccer games, have relay races, face painting, eat timbits, and are given their medals. The downside for moi was it was scheduled at 9am on a Saturday morning. I managed to get my lazy bones into gear however, and we not only made it on time but I managed to make myself an iced latte at home to bring with me too. Read More

Summer Groove

We are in full summer mode over here now and it has been crazy awesome! Crazy because we have been busy but busy enjoying summer fun which is awesome. Once it was officially summer, I got to work on my mantle. When the seasons change the mantle changes with it. We started off our summer with our trip to Old Orchard Beach which was a blast but the fun won’t stop there. We plan on making each sunny hot day count the next couple of months. Read More

Fabfitfun Summer 2017 Box

My parents just put a pool in so it was the perfect spot to open my Fabfitfun Summer 2017 Box! I subscribed last Fall and I keep waiting for the “dud” box but it never comes. I have done other box subscriptions and just ended up with a bunch of samples. In the Fabfitfun box ALL of your products are FULL size. The only item that might not be is the sponsored item which is not counted in the dollar add up of the box. This is a seasonal box subscription. The cost is $39.99(us) + $8 shipping to Canada. Click HERE if you want it with a percentage off! So without further ado, here are a few of my favourite products from my box: Read More

First Time Family Camping

Last week for Father’s Day(as Jordan worked all weekend), we went on our first EVER family camping trip. To check out our pop-camper reno click (here). We decided to go for a 1 night trial run to see how the kids managed, what we forgot, and what we need. It went perfectly and we are already planning our next adventure! Read More

Storm Chasing Saturdays

The weather can really affect your weekend plans…if you let it. I personally had big plans to get some painting done on Saturday but it rained off and on so that wasn’t happening. So instead of doing the list of things we need to get done around the house we ended up dropping everything and spending some much needed family time. Read More